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As Revenues Climb, Customer Solutions Group

Underscores Importance of Inside Sales


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2012 -- September reports indicate that two key market indicators, home sales and car sales, continue to climb, indicating steady returns to economic health. The double-digit car sales have brought the automotive industry back to almost pre-recession levels. And while different industries all rely on different primary models of sales, in the four years since the recession started -- and during this period of returning to a more robust economy -- the role of inside sales in all industries has become more critical for sales success. Inside Sales Lab has several new initiatives to help guarantee such success.

A division of the Customer Solutions Group, Denver-based Inside Sales Lab offers clients all the necessary tools for the best possible customer acquisition strategies. Among those strategies are product development, scripting, sales training, report generation, lead management or even developing an entire call center operation.

Past CSG clients include SBC, Verizon, The Automobile Club of Southern California, The City of Los Angeles, Sun America, Avaya, Oppenheimer Mutual Funds, The J. Paul Getty Museum and Trust, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, DirecTV and many other companies.

Additionally, the role of inside sales has changed since the recession took hold in 2008. Webinars and other online strategies, including the use of social media in conjunction with email, now augment the traditional role of telemarketing sales and call center strategies. For more information, visit

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