Customers Are Shying Away from High Interest Payday Loans and Turning to Auto Title Loans


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2014 -- A sharp increase in personal indebtedness was the downside of last year’s financial scenario and Americans in substantial numbers were finally moving away from Payday loans to satisfy their credit needs from more reassuring sources. The remarkable shift from payday loans to car title loans is reflected in the substantial growth in business notched up by The Net Lender, a major force in the short term financial arena. The Net Lender literally ruled the roost by positioning its immensely popular auto title loans firmly in the market to cater the growing demand for quick money that comes without hassles and minus all the headaches.

The notoriety earned by payday loans was in large measure due to its targeting the low and medium income strata of society with the promise of easy money at short notice. This was money that people could not avail from banks, for which payday lenders charged usurious interest rates that literally broke the borrowers’ backs. The Net Lender offers a solution that is immensely attractive in comparison – money that is delivered equally fast but with interest rates that were quietly attractive and affordable and loans that could be repaid in the short term through convenient installments without pushing the borrower into red.

Payday lenders made it impossible for genuine borrowers to fulfill their debt obligations by compelling borrowers to repay large amounts within a restricted time frame that was arbitrarily fixed without rhyme or reason. The Net Lender introduced the amortized payment module where payments proceeded in convenient monthly installments matching the ability of the borrower to repay the loan. This simple system takes away a large burden from the borrower’s shoulders and this continues to be the main reason why The Net Lender auto equity loans always get paid on time, every time.

Many payday lenders were working illegally outside the ambit of state and federal laws and this emboldened them to levy three digit interest rates that multiplied the original loans within a short span of time. Borrowers were renewing payday loans seven to eight times before getting to repay their dues. The Net Lender cash loans for title, in comparison, keep the interest rates low and affordable, and rarely do people see rates climbing over 22% APR. What this means is that the borrower takes less time to repay his dues and is under no pressure to pay hidden charges and usurious penalties even if he defaults on one or two installments. In fact the cash loan for title keeps the playing ground level for both the company and the customer and both benefit by this transparent and customer friendly approach.

All that the customers need to do is to access the website of The Net Lender and feed their personal details and car particulars, upon which instant quotes are generated that come without any obligation on the part of the customer. The next step is to approach any one of The Net Lender’s 10 outstanding customer-friendly service centers to submit car ownership documents and all necessary proofs for personal identification and job income, and to get the vehicles inspected and evaluated. The whole process is over and cash disbursed to the waiting customer within the space of one relaxing hour.

Where payday loans squeezed customers for every dollar that they earned charging usurious interest, car equity loans quietly offered better service with a minimum of formalities, and delivered the cash equally quickly without harassing the borrower, thereby creating more satisfaction for the customer. Undoubtedly, auto collateral loans are here to stay and companies like The Net Lender are being appreciated by the public for rendering more equitable and hassle free loan service unlike what payday loans were promising and failing to do.

About The Net Lender
The Net Lender is widely admired for its efficient and timely cash payments affected through car title loans that are serviced by expert, skilled and courteous staff. It is much easier for customers to access its simple web interface and ten retail outlets within California, so no matter where you may be in California a The Net Lender car title loan will always be readily available. This simple fool proof system makes it easy for customers to apply loans, get approvals and access cash quickly when a financial crisis threatens them. The online instant quote tool is easy to handle and the dealer service is friendly and welcoming even when clients come with a bad credit background, or bankruptcy or even foreclosure.

The Net Lender is located in 861 6th Avenue #729, San Diego, Ca, 92101 and can be contacted at the following number: +1 619-550-4767.

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