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Customers Are Turning to Body Armor Megastore for Their Protection Products


Royersford, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2017 -- Body Armor Megastore is a producer and supplier of tactical body armor and has an inventory created for the purposes of protection. Based out of Royersford, PA, the family-owned business carries Level II, Level III and Level IIIA body armor.

Each level of body armor serves a different purpose. The level II is lightweight and protects from 9 mm handguns, 9 mm sub-machine guns and 44 magnums. Since the material is lightweight, it makes it easy to maneuver in during stressful situations.

The level III is made of a hard material and is the best option for stopping rifle rounds. The level IIIA, meanwhile, is a type of soft armor that prevents serious injury from essentially any type of handgun. There are also times where hard armor is used to place outside of the soft body armor to offer even more protection.

The company's online inventory is vast and allows potential buyers to skim through and buy body armor in just a few clicks. In addition to selling Level II, Level III and Level IIIA body armor, Body Armor Megastore also offers bulletproof inserts, backpack armor, plate carrier bundles, shields, spall armor, tactical vests and accessories.

Body Armor Megastore believes that protection is an investment. The products are affordable and stand up against the most rigorous of tests. For more additional information about Body Armor Megastore and our vast variety of products, we encourage you to check out our website at or give us a call at 51-ARMOR-GUY.

About Body Armor Megastore
A family owned business, operating out of Royersford, PA, Body Armor Megastore is a producer and supplier of effective and economically-priced bulletproof wear. The company carries level 2, level 3a and level 3 armor capable of stopping rounds from most weapons. In addition to traditional armor, Body Armor Megastore stocks backpack armor, vests, spall armor, magazine pouches and many other products.

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