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Boise, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2018 -- Military merchandise sold in stores everywhere more often than not looks like a cheap imitation. For military enthusiasts who want to invest in good quality military gear and memorabilia there is hardly a place that can boast of authentic merchandise. The good news is, now there is a store that is a 'one stop shop' for top notch military needs. This online store is called 'Unit of Crest.'

Unit of Crest is among the few premium online stores that sell a wide variety of military products. Each product is designed to look the part and give the owner a sense of pride. It is a store that is 'one of a kind' because it is specialized in meeting all military related needs both big and small.

For RC enthusiasts that take special interest in military RC, there are many options to try. There are good quality remote controlled simulation helicopters, planes, tanks and trucks. Each of these toys is designed to mimic the real life vehicle giving users an engaging experience. They also come with all the special features that one would expect in a high end RC toy.

Unit of Crest was one of the first stores to identify that there is a huge gap of authentic souvenirs and memorabilia in the market that are military related. The company is determined to bridge this gap by offering an expansive range of collectibles that are carefully sourced and categorized to give customers the best in value. From special plaques, to flags, to pocket watches, to pins and more, one can find a an assortment of products that are rare and raved.

For early Christmas shoppers who want to get a head start on their shopping, souvenirs and memorabilia displayed on the website, provide the perfect selection for highly anticipated gifts. Therefore, customers have to jump on the opportunity ASAP because these gifts go out of stock very quickly.

The other advantage of buying souvenirs and memorabilia on this website is that they are very reasonably priced. If one were to buy these elsewhere, they would easily spend a lot more than what they would at this website.

About Unit of Crest
Unit of Crest is on a mission to give military mavens the choicest assortment of military items that are hard to find, fairly priced and original. It is a military mega store that boasts of a wide range of products starting from equipment to entertainment to collectibles.

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