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Customers Go to Diversified Rack & Shelving Inc. This Spring for Drive-In/Thru Racking Systems


East Windsor, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/27/2017 -- When customers are looking to optimize their warehouse setting with either a drive-thru or drive-in racking system, they turn to the pros at Diversified Rack & Shelving Inc. These storage rack configurations allow forklifts to drive into a lane of stacked rows, which is also referred to as a "bay."

Drive-thru systems have a common entry and exit, while drive-thru systems, on the other hand, include entry points at one end of the bay or the other end. Drive-in systems have only one entrance, which is used as a "LIFO" (last in, first out) storage method. Since there's only one entrance, the last pallet placed into a row will always the first one removed.

A drive-thru system consisting of two different entry points can also use a FIFO (first in, first out) storage method. With this system, pallets can be loaded in at one end and pushed back to the other end, where they'll end up at the front of the row on the opposite side. The first pallet placed into this type of row will be the first one removed at the other end. This system is perfect for any company that sells products with expiration dates, and for those customers who are especially concerned about shelf life.

Drive-in and drive-thru racks both offer high density storage for a large number of similar products or pallet sizes. Customers can have confidence in knowing that the frames of these racks are high, and arranged in such a way that allows lift trucks to drive through the rails for access to the materials on skids. Since fewer aisles are needed to store products, the overall storage space and depth of a warehouse increases significantly.

In addition to drive-thru and drive-in racking systems, Diversified Rack & Shelving Inc. also offers a wide selection of other products, including wire mesh decks, carousels, work benches, dock equipment, lockers, safety equipment and more. Customers can learn more about how to optimize their warehouse settings by visiting their website, or by calling 800-653-2031 to speak with a professional today.

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Diversified Rack & Shelving, Inc. distributes a range of new and used materials handling supplies to businesses in New Jersey and throughout the country. Their products include pallet racks, shelving, mezzanines, conveyors, skate wheels, dock equipment, carousels, and more. The company also offers complete installation and maintenance services, and warehouse design.

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