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Customers Head to to Pick up the Latest Celebrity Kid Fashions


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2012 -- Celebrities often have their fingers on the pulse of the latest fashion trends, and the same thing can be said about their children. Lately, celebrity children have been spotted wearing adorable designs from Hatley, a brand that is distributed by clothing retailer Dolly Rose. Through its online store, Dolly Rose is offering the Hatley coats that celebrity kids are crazy about. The coats have been sold all over the world, and it seems like customers cannot get enough of Hatley’s whimsical designs. As a result, the Dolly Rose website has been generating a lot of traffic lately.

The Dolly Rose online store provides customers with access to three clothing brands, each with their own charm. The company prides itself on being able to identify, distribute and market clothing brands that use quality materials and create unique designs. “Dolly Rose is the proud stockist of three wonderful brands, all with different strengths, qualities and designs, but as we continue to expand we're always on the look out for any others that we feel will fit in with the style and quality of what we like to sell,” proclaims the Dolly Rose website.

In addition to Hatley-brand clothing, the website also features Powell Craft and Kite Kids clothing for customers to browse. Regular visitors to Dolly Rose will notice that the website has just expanded its range of ladies cotton nightdresses.

Visitors can shop by product, collection or brand. Categories such as ladies’ wear, girls’ wear, boys’ wear and baby wear allow customers to shop for a wide range of fashions while shopping by brand allows them to easily find the brands that they have heard about.

Customers who want to learn even more about the products offered on the website can visit the Dolly Rose wiki, which provides information on fashion trends, fashion history and Dolly Rose brands. A collection of videos allows customers to see these fashions in action. The website blog also enables customers to check out more fashion news, including an article that reveals exactly which celebrities are dressing their children in Hatley styles.

By visiting the Dolly Rose website, customers can discover a collection of one-of-a-kind designs that will delight them and their children.

About Dolly Rose
Dolly Rose sells good quality cotton and organic cotton clothing and accessories for children and babies, and vintage-inspired ladies cotton nightwear. Dolly Rose is continually expanding the product range on offer while staying true to its roots by selling only the best quality garments. The company supports several charities and is conscious of selecting suppliers that respect the environment and the farmers that produce the cotton used in the clothing.

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