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Customers Interested in Overseas Book Printing Receive Quotes from PRC Book Printing Service This Winter


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2017 -- PRC Book Printing Service encourages foodies everywhere to turn their journal of handwritten recipes into a finished product that they can be proud of. Through their overseas cookbook printing services, the experts provide customers with the most economical route of creating high-quality products for self-publishing or high volume book publishing distribution. For most passionate cooks, printing a book complete with delicious recipes is typically seen as just another dream; however, the experts at PRC Book Printing hope to breathe life into each of their customer's creative endeavors.

In addition, with two China printing partners, the experts also specialize in hardcover book printing for a wide variety of different genres. Customers can have confidence in knowing that PRC Book Printing Service ensures every product is visually and sensually stimulating; meaning they are pleasing to both the reader's eyes and fingertips. Throughout the printing process, quality and durability takes precedence above all else. First, PRC Printing Service will make sure that the gray board used for each book is an appropriate grade and thickness which accommodates the size of the book. They'll also use a heavy-weight endpaper to hold the block to the cover. In addition, a reinforced mesh can be cut and sized based on the customer's particular project. And then, most importantly, Smyth Sewn binding is signature sewn each signature sewn together to form a completed sewn book block and glued into the spine.

Customers can also choose between a leather, cloth or paper cover for their book. A leather cover tends to be a more expensive option; however, the variety of colors, patterns and thicknesses can be used to make the book stand out from the rest. Cloth covers, on the other hand, range from smooth silk, suede, pure cotton, poly silk, linen, mixed cloth and much more. Finally, as the standard cover of choice for hard cover books, paper covers are available in glossy, matte, uncoated paper and more. Whether a customer is trying to print a children's book, cookbook, hardcover book, board book or anything else, PRC Book Printing Service does it all. Request a quote by filling out a contact form on their website, or by calling 888-725-7817 today.

About PRC Book Printing Service
PRC Book Printing Services/Company is an American-based company working solely with two Chinese Printers/Partner; with exclusive rights to the US, Europe, and Canada market for the past 10 years. Over the years they have refined/polished their services, quality control, pricing and communications to meet the high standard of the US in book printing. PRC Book Printing Service will handle any type of print project a person has in mind. The book printing company is devoted to delivering high-quality print services at the most affordable prices possible. That has been the key to the company's success throughout its existence. PRC Book Printing Service is dedicated to giving customers complete satisfaction through steady, personal communication and reliable project management that will complete any job before the deadline.

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