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Customers Trust Keystone Technology Management This Spring for IT Disposition Services


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2017 -- Anyone searching for a company with a hard drive shredder near New York, NJ or MD, can rest assured knowing that Keystone Technology Management is the preferred IT disposition expert. Physically destroying hard drives is not the only method of data destruction, however. Keystone Technology Management also uses Blancco Security Suite, the industry standard hard drive erasure software, to wipe out sensitive information stored on the hard drives of equipment that can be donated, redeployed or resold. In this case, the customer receives a return on their investment, which can then go towards purchasing more advanced equipment.

As people start planning their spring cleaning to-do lists, Keystone Technology Management encourages them to reach out and schedule a pickup. Business owners should refuse to let outdated equipment clutter their work environments, or affect the efficiency of their company any longer. To help them move forward with the process, customers should start figuring out which devices they might be interested in replacing, and what type of equipment they might want to acquire in the future. The professionals at Keystone Technology Management are committed to helping their partners stay up-to-date with innovative technology.

Perhaps someone is looking for a company specializing in mobile hard drive shredding in New York, for example. Or maybe a business owner is interested in selling his or her used devices with a more advanced line of IT equipment after only a few years of use. Whatever the case may be, Keystone Technology Management is a trusted partner for all things relating to IT disposition. To learn more, visit their website or call 800-419-7176 today.

About Keystone Technology Management
Keystone Technology Management is a Langhorne, PA-based company that specializes in the purchase, resale and environmentally friendly disposition of excess and off-network IT equipment. Since 2001, they have served businesses, major corporations and colleges in the Northeast and helped their clients prevent unnecessary threats to financial, legal, environmental and data-related security with secure hardware disposition and data destruction. Keystone Technology Management holds a R2:2013ertification and is consistently compliant with the requisite safety, environmental and data security regulations.

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