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Customers Turn to Keystone Technology Management to Safely Dispose of IT Equipment and Receive a Return on Investments


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2017 -- Spring is a season of transformation; which means right now is perfect time for business owners to upgrade the speed, efficiency and capability of their IT equipment. Since technology is progressing at such a rapid rate nowadays, it's incredibly difficult for most companies to stay "up to speed." Therefore, it's crucial for owners to realize that if they aren't moving forward, they're only falling behind. In order to keep up with the competition, they must do everything they can to enhance the quality and functionality of their devices.

Fortunately, the pros at Keystone Technology Management offer media shredding services in New York, PA and MD, so businesses can safely dispose of their old or outdated IT equipment without ever having to worry about a potential security breach. What's more, if the devices are still relevant in today's digital world, customers may receive a return on their investments. There's no need to worry about the possibility of anyone gaining access to sensitive information, either; the pros at Keystone Technology Management will entirely erase all data stored on each of the hard drives using certified Blancco erasure software. This way, customers will have peace of mind about the security of their companies, and extra cash in their pockets to purchase more advanced equipment.

Perhaps a business owner, who plans on doing some spring cleaning over the next few weeks, is looking for the best way to dispose of old hard drives in New York. Or let's say a healthcare provider in Maryland, who is about to add more advanced devices to their practice, is interested in receiving a return on their previous investment. Or maybe a lawyer in Philadelphia, who has come across outdated hard drives while cleaning their office, is searching for the safest method of getting rid of them. No matter what the case may be, the experts at Keystone Technology Management got it covered.

Don't wait any longer to leave old or outdated IT equipment behind and move forward with more advanced technology. To learn more about Keystone Technology Management, visit their website or call 215-741-4441 to speak with a member of their staff today.

About Keystone Technology Management
Keystone Technology Management is a Langhorne, PA-based company that specializes in the purchase, resale and environmentally friendly disposition of excess and off-network IT equipment. Since 2001, they have served businesses, major corporations and colleges in the Northeast and helped their clients prevent unnecessary threats to financial, legal, environmental and data-related security with secure hardware disposition and data destruction. Keystone Technology Management holds a R2:2013 certification and is consistently compliant with the requisite safety, environmental and data security regulations.

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