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San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2012 -- People have been talking about the Internet meme “Y U No” for years. Lately, this popular meme has been attracting even more attention as a website inspired by the ubiquitous phrase begins to gain its own large following on the Internet. For consumers who love the interesting items, there is now a new website that offers deals on funny, weird and imaginative products.

This new website is called Y U No Take My Money, and it is a one-stop-shop for all things interesting. The owner of Y U No Take My Money is a self-proclaimed “one-man operation.” After originally starting the website just as a hobby, the owner has now devoted hundreds of hours to gathering the ultimate collection of crazy and unique products.

Those looking for quirky gift ideas are in luck because Y U No Take My Money is offering unique items that customers can give as gifts or keep for themselves. In the Gadgets category, visitors will find products like dancing water speakers, a hot dog toaster and a human bowling set. The Home and Office category include items like a blacktop party grill, an invisible bookshelf and “ninjabread” men cookie cutters. These are just a couple of the categories featured on the Y U No Take My Money website, which also includes sections dedicated to Food and Drink, Electronics, Clothing and Toys.

In addition to being able to see high-quality pictures and read full descriptions of each product — including how to buy it, visitors can also leave their own comments about products. Although the website just started a few months ago, the online community on the website is already strong, with visitors regularly sharing their opinions and commentary about the products featured. Plus, website visitors have the opportunity to submit item ideas that they believe are quirky or interesting.

Different items are added to the website every day, so even regular visitors will always have something new to talk about. However the site warns consumers not to blame their site when saying this is why I’m broke.

Thanks to Y U No Take My Money, consumers with a sense of humor are finding products that make great gifts on a website that is itself a source of entertainment.

About Y U No Take My Money
Started in late April 2012, Y U No Take My Money is a useful website where visitors can find interesting gift ideas and unique items that will set them apart from everyone else.

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