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CustomHeard Announces Customer Experience Strategy Consultation Service

Exclusive customer experience measurements form the foundation of proactive strategy, reports CustomHeard


Richmond, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2014 -- A company can have the greatest products on Earth, but if it gets a reputation for having bad customer service, its business will still suffer. Even worse, it can be hard for companies to figure out just why they're getting such a reputation. It's easy enough to tell employees to be polite and cover other basics, but in many cases, customer service problems run deeper and are harder to diagnose.

Today, customer experience company CustomHeard announced its consulting and diagnostic services to help companies optimize and maximize their customer experience. These services start with measuring the customer experience in order to diagnose opportunity areas. Both the good and the bad are measured in an effort to strengthen what is most valuable to the customer, and prune what is not.

"Beginning with measurement is crucial because we are able to develop an individual CustomHeard Score for each client company. Our customer experience and customer service strategy will be based on the findings we uncover with our proprietary scoring tool. Unlike a template approach, the CustomHeard Score is specifically targeted to the industry, product, and service of the client. This provides apples-to-apples comparisons and key insights that form the foundation of a strategy - allowing clients to stand out above their direct competitors," explained Adam Day of CustomHeard.

Once the analysis is complete, CustomHeard offers two ways to improve customer service. The first is consultation, where CustomHeard advises clients regarding customer strategy and implementation. The second, which CustomHeard calls "partnership," is a more collaborative approach, ensuring the client is hands-on for all customer solutions. With this option, CustomHeard develops a long-term customer experience strategy with the client and supports them through the entire life of that strategy.

"Customer service and customer experience can make or break a company," Day said. "Poor service is a signal to the customer, and it usually sends the consumer to the competition. Customers see service as part of the value they're paying for, so they are often willing to pay more to deal with a company that is superior in this regard. This makes measuring customer experience an essential part of doing business."

This factor is so large that over the last several decades, many companies have made customer experience marketing a big part of their operating strategies. It's easy to find businesses that offer things like hassle-free returns, easier purchasing processes, increased online customer service presence, and, of course, "service with a smile." While not every company has the bankroll to allow for eternal no-questions-asked returns, there are plenty of other things that can be done to allow one to stand out above the competition. Services like CustomHeard make it easy for companies to take their service to the maximum possible level.

About CustomHeard
CustomHeard is a marketing firm that is focused helping clients master the many aspects of making customers happy. It provides help for everything from properly listening to customers to developing proactive customer initiatives. The company can also help figure out the ROI on customer service projects so that companies know which ones are worth pursuing.