Customizabooks to Start Kickstarter Project to Address the Problem That Everyone Can't All Be Talented Artists


Albuquerque, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- Customizabooks LLC today announced that it will soon begin a Kickstarter project called “The Great Illustrator Project”. The project features a group of 41 of the best children’s illustrators, which will create artwork for the upcoming Blackfish Story Creator App. Kickstarter project contributors will be able to use the developed artwork in their own stories by placing backgrounds, characters, text, animations, and other book elements within Blackfish Story Creator.

As a Kickstarter project, the effort will have a number of rewards for people who pledge money to the project, including the finished story-creation app, illustrations that contributors can use to create their own books and stories, professional children’s books made from the artwork published by Customizabooks, and influence on how the project artwork is created. The project is targeting kids and parents, educators, amateur and professional writers, and do-it-yourself digital content creators.

“The project evolved from a perfect combination of three serendipitous events,” said Tom Anderson, Managing Partner.  “We were looking into leveraging our sophisticated cross-platform book engine by adding a front end user-interface to create a powerful, but easy to use, story-creation app. At the same time, I came across an online thread where I discovered hundreds of illustrators, and then later expanded my search to meet and get involved with our illustrators. Finally, I had been on the lookout for a project that I thought could become a successful Kickstarter campaign. The three concepts melded perfectly and led to the creation of The Great Illustrator Project, in which we will create a library of artwork for project contributors to use. The eclectic group of artists who have joined the project are amazingly talented, and I think many people will love seeing and using their artwork.”

The Great Illustrator Project is expected to begin in two weeks at Details on the project can be found at:

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