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Customized Fat Loss Review - Another Kyle Leon Scam?


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss nutrition system for torching body fat is available online at a heavily discounted price. The personalized fat loss training was proven to overcome genetics and boost the metabolism in people who were unable to lose weight.


The weight loss solution consists of a 9-week program with an adequate meal plan for each specific person that has signed up. Customized Fat Loss advocates that food is the best medicine for metabolism and health. Therefore, the program and also the website teach about the various types of food, along with the human body types. It helps when most generic weight loss plans are only managing to slow down the metabolism.

Best selling fitness author Kyle Leon is the creator of Customized Fat Loss, the revolutionary nutrition system. Part of the BioTrust Nutrition board, he is also the spokesperson and product development consultant for Blue Star Nutraceuticals. Kyle Leon believes in customized nutrition as the only way to fasten the metabolism and keep it to a performant level. He has been helping thousands of men and women lose fat and gain muscular mass through a strategic approach.

The program is dedicated to anyone wishing to lose weight, including individuals who have been dealing with constant frustration due to fat accumulation. When food seems to go only to problem areas or when people who eat less see no progress, the metabolism and the genetic imprint are the culprits. Customized Fat Loss reveals all the existent patterns and teach people how to understand their specific problem.


Customized Fat Loss helps people with bad genetics overcome their weight problem and change what seemed unchangeable through a deeper understanding of nutrition – food groups, metabolism, fat burning, nutrient types and their ideal percentage etc. The program uses tricks like nutrition plans defined by one’s age. Kyle Leon reveals how food groups are being processed differently at each age people go through. Besides, each body type - and there are more than 3 - responds differently to nutrients. For this reason, each person should have a different nutrition plan - a truly custom-made one.

The program is not part of the money-making industry of restrictive diets, awkward exercises and other strange or frustrating slimming methods. It is the same strategy employed by celebrities, and none of them is fat because they benefit of personalized diets. This luxury is now be available to anyone. Customized Fat Loss treats every human being differently - because of their genetic makeup, personal history and choices and lifestyle.

Visit the official site to hear Kyle Leon’s arguments and the science behind personalized weight loss. It is possible to lose weight when eating delicious non-restrictive meals. Their secret is the percentage of each food category, as indicated by the person’s own body type. Customized Fat Loss contains invaluable coaching lessons for anyone willing to go beyond the frustrating generic diets.

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