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Customized Fat Loss Review Reveals the Secrets to Successful Weight Loss reveals the secrets to one of the most popular weight loss programs at the moment. The Customized Fat Loss plan promises to help everyone achieve the perfect body figure.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2013 -- According to the Customized Fat Loss review on, this new fat loss program was developed specially to help people achieve their dream of looking irreproachable.

The method is perfect to be used also by individuals who want to maintain their body looks, slim figure and flat abdomen.

The new Weight loss program was created by Kyle Leon and his team of experts in nutrition and fitness. The popular nutritionist found that a weight loss program will only be effective when it is perfectly matched to the needs of the individual using it.

This is exactly what the Customized Fat Loss software does: create a nutrition plan for each user.

Kyle Leon’s software is easily downloadable to create weight loss plans perfectly matched to each user. This type of plan is determined using factors such as the age, height, weight and even the body metabolism type of the user.

It will provide each customer with his own nutrition and exercise plan, to achieve his particular weight loss goals.

The review published by shows that one of the most important elements in Kyle Leon’s diet actually is the post workout meal. As the software can determine the nutrient needs of each user, it can provide a menu plan for each day of diet.

Users will even have the possibility to introduce in the program their favorite foods, to receive menu plans including them, without affecting their weight loss goals.

In the Customized Fat Loss review readers will discover that this program actually teaches customers all they need to know about what to eat, when to eat and how to hold a healthy, safe and natural diet, which will lead to the expected weight loss results easily and quickly.

The method may be used even to get rid of cellulite. The program is described as very successful, but Kyle Leon still advises the users of his method to have patience and respect his tips to achieve all their weight loss goals simple and fast.