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Customized Fat Loss: Kyle Leon's Scam? Read Reviews


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- In a world where fast food chains are taking over the trend of healthy meals, people often encounter with diseases related to fat or obesity. People spend hours in gym working out, sweating for hours yet every 3 out of 4 adults in U.S is a fat person. Why is that? Why are people unable to burn fat despite their diet and working plans? The answer is quite simple that those diet plans are scam and those gym instructors are just making money. It is times like these when people like Kyle Leon get up and take a stand for people who actually want to burn fat not from their entire body but from targeted parts of their body. Kyle Leon is a nutrition specialist, personal trainer and fitness model who launched a web based application called “Customized Fat Loss”.

The author believes that every human being has a different metabolism in their body. A diet and workout plan that works for an individual might not work for another. So what this application does is that it takes the data of the user as input such as height, weight, age, etc and then it analyzes the data providing the individual with the most suitable and the best diet plan and exercises that he should perform in a week. With the application, people are also provided with relevant and 100% tested and passed supplements that shall speeds up the act of weight loss.

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The program offers around 1400 different variety of foods to eat so that a person does not get bored of same meals being repeated every Monday. The program deals with everyone differently making it more precise and makes people feel special as everyone is provided with a diet plan that was planned for THEM only. There are no age limits to follow and keep up with this program. Anybody with a strong ambition to lose weight can use this application. It is very easy to use and user friendly unlike other programs. It can be used for quick weight loss and slow eight loss depending solely on owner’s choice.

Customized Fat Loss is a complete package for people who want to lose weight by cutting down their excessive fat through minor exercising and carefully planning their diet plans. It is also suitable for beginners who think they don’t know anything about losing weight. The program has created a hype among people who are eager to lose weight and are tired of extreme gym workouts with no results. People are following this life changing system and the results are positive and the author wants others to do the same until the program becomes unaffordable. This is definitely a must-try program for people who are serious about shedding the extra fat on their body.

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