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Customs Brokers in Houston Stresses the Importance of Partnership with Customs Brokerage Companies


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- Customs brokers in Houston under Cap International stresses the importance of hiring a brokerage company for importers for easier clearance. This customs broker Houston company also says that hiring quality brokerage companies can make importation easier for small importers who are having difficulties in getting past various government agencies due to several US Federal restrictions.

Recently, the company has released a write up that answers what is a customs broker and what a broker can do for a small importer. A customs broker like Cap International is a body that deals with negotiations with federal agencies in your behalf, which makes businesses concentrate on the more important things that it should do to make business grow. While businesses concentrate on other factors that can make them grow, customs brokers focus on clearing shipments. At the same time, brokers make it a point that their clients comply with all federal regulations. This makes small businesses connect better with the government, making it easier for them to process imports and exports the next time.

As one of the technologically advanced brokers in Houston, Cap International had been helping importers for around 29 years by dealing with various government agencies that deal with import policies such as Fish and Wildlife, DOT, EPA, and FDA. By doing so, several clients were able to drastically reduce the costs of processing customs requirements, such as expenditures in communication and filing paper works.

Cap International, Inc is a Houston customs brokerage company that has been operating since 1983. They have a nationwide license to process import needs across the country. They have been duly tested and investigated by the Customs and FBI and are in partnership with the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. They can be contacted through email at or through phone at 281-548-1003

About Cap International
Cap Intl is a knowledgeable customs broker that will help you get the correct import duty rate on your shipments so you don’t pay additional import duties.

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