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Cutting Edge Perspectives from the Man Himself, Steve Sanchez

Real Raw Relevant Talk Radio covering Entertainment, Politics, and Finances from a Christian Perspective.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- Staying aware of the latest from the world around you is a necessity for almost every person. Moreover the shows giving world views affecting the cultures is something which has been getting popular in the recent times. With this aim of providing great and fresh perspectives regarding the society at large Steve Sanchez Show is here to inform and entertain us all. The show comes with the perspective that believes there are 7 mountains that influences a society and aims to provide the solutions to people to do something that could bring people back to the center core of righteousness. The show airs every Saturday and is quickly becoming popular, especially in part of the quick wit and personality of Steve Sanchez. So in case you are interested to know more about the truth, its time you switched on The Steve Sanchez Show every morning at 7:00 AM MST . (Check our website for times in your area)

The show features a perspective that comes out of the huge experience, which Steve has accumulated over the years. Steve with his great personality promises to make the show even more entertaining. The 7 pillars on which the show circles around are:

- Arts and Entertainment
- Business
- Education
- Family
- Government
- Media
- Religion

Moreover, if you thought it was just the news and perspectives which you would get when you listen to the show, then hold on. The website provides you the option to become a member of the show and have access to the additional things related to the show. These include the behind the scenes videos or news, ‘The Show after the Show’ episodes, and much more. All this can be accessed at a small payment of just $29 a year.

So be ready to face the reality and know about the cutting edge perspectives by the man himself. Be it the culture, the economy or the political landscape, the show promises to offer you with the true picture. If you are wondering what all you could expect besides the basic perspectives then the fact that Steve never fails to provide a quick witted antidote irrespective of the place he is, holds a lot of surprises too.

About Steve Sanchez
Steve Sanchez is an entrepreneur who has also been famous as the Money Guy, an author or a radio personality. Over the past two decades he has been popular for consoling more than thousands of people both face to face and through the radio shows. His field is money, culture and politics where he has always been known for the cutting Edge Christian perspective. Recently the Million Dollar Round Table had rated him among the top 1% financial advisors. Steve has also been seen sitting with various financial boards for larger churches such as the Crossroads Nazarene or the Church for the Nations. In addition, Steve is also heavily involved in ministry and is the co-founder of Steve Sanchez Ministries with his wife Marie. This ministry helps marriages and families from divorce and division. They also are heavily engaged in mentoring young people and helping them understand and take back the culture and the morals that have left us.