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Cutting Edge UK Retailer Supplies Fitness Equipment Used by Professionals; the Vibrostation


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2012 -- People everywhere understand that professional athletes operate on a whole different level to the rest of the world when it comes to health and fitness. Millions of pounds in research and development have been devoted to the exercise, health and nutrition of these elite sportspeople, all aimed and giving them the extra one percent required to help them achieve greatness.

Every now and then, however, this results in a great leap forward for the rest of us – an exciting development born from the world of professional sportspeople that then allows the wider community to experience a little bit of that edge that the elite are access to on a daily basis.

One great example of this is vibration plate training, an amazing technological development that’s revolutionised the world of exercise and recovery forever. Developed in Russia during the 1970’s, vibration plate training was a technique which played a vital role in Russia’s Olympic success through that decade, and beyond. Thanks to a pioneering British team behind www.VibroStation.co.uk, this technology has been refreshed and made available to people all across the nation.

The Vibrostation Training Plate is the logical evolution of the technology that led the Russian’s to dominate the sporting world throughout the 1970’s and ‘80’s. By generating vibrations that are transferred throughout the body, the Vibrostation – now also available in a Pro Edition and a Studio System format – creates what is known as a ‘myotatic’ flex, or stretch, within the muscles being trained.

The results observed in users have been nothing less than phenomenal. With the aid of the Vibrostation Training Plate, users have managed to achieve muscle contractions at the rate of 30-45 times per second, depending on the setting used. Whereas traditional exercise programs online reach 40-55% of muscle fibres, this unique ‘myotatic’ stretch achieved by the amazing technology, including the new Vibrostation Pro, hits 100% of muscles targeted. No one elites sportspeople achieve the results they do, considering the have access to amazing secrets like this!

So as eyes turn to London for the upcoming Olympic Games, people all over the nation should spare a thought for why some of these athletes soar so high. Hard work, long hours and, just maybe, access to exciting innovations in technology such as the Vibrostation Training Plate.

About Vibrostation
Vibrostation are a leading UK supplier of vibration plates, having painstakingly developed and improved the technology utilised by Russian Olympians to much success throughout the 1970’s and ‘80’s. Having working on the final product since 2004, Vibrostation are confident that their unique training plate systems the best machines on the market at any price. Vibrostation also maintain a showroom in Manchester, England to try their equipment out before purchase. For more information, visit http://www.vibrostation.co.uk