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Cutting-Edge Web Design Skyrockets Small Biz Conversion Rates


Auckland, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2013 -- An Auckland web design firm has developed an innovative website design philosophy that increases online conversion rates for small businesses at a fraction of the cost.

The website design company, Geek Free Web Design, came up with the unique concept after discovering that web conversion rates increased exponentially when user experiences were taken into consideration.

Its CEO and experienced Auckland website designer, Mr. Toby Yorke, believes that while big-business websites looked good, they generally had lower conversion rates because their web designers were focused more on design than on user experience and behaviours.

“We know that the human psyche plays a huge part in increasing conversions,” says Yorke, “So websites that have all the bells and whistles, but don’t consider the customer experience, are missing out on opportunities to sell.”

Yorke also points out that the sales process is driven by people’s desires and emotions. “The more you understand these desires, and emotions, the higher the overall site conversion is,” he says.

The company gleaned its extensive knowledge through years of testing and gleaning feedback from various clients – which the company’s web design philosophy and process has been built upon.

“We studied the results and were blown away. The results were so compelling that we shifted our whole web design process to concentrate on designing websites that succeeded in putting user experience first.”

He adds, “But we’re learning all the time. Part of our process is testing and measuring results to see what we can do better.”

And the results have been impressive so far. “The conversion rate for some of our clients have significantly increased after we put the design changes in place.

“And the best thing is, these clients have only spent a small fraction of what they would’ve spent on a flashy website,” Yorke says.

The company’s change in focus to helping small businesses was a fortuitous move that saw a significant increase in clients.

“With the rapid rise of the internet, most small businesses are left out in the cold because they simply cannot afford to have an online presence that actually works.

“As a small business owner myself I understand this – and this is why I’ve focused my Auckland based web design firm on helping other small businesses succeed in the online space,” says Yorke.

That’s great news for New Zealand small business owners.

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