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Cutting the Strings: New Book by Carole Little Offers Lifeline of Hope to Those Struggling to Achieve Their Dreams

Having ‘cut the strings’ that were holding her back in life, Carole Little has achieved much acclaim as an inspirational speaker and coach. Now, for the first time, Little shares her intimate story in her new autobiography.


Huntsville, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2012 -- Having broken free from her own struggles and accomplished global success as a speaker and coach, Carole J. Little is living proof that dreams can be achieved. ‘Cutting the Strings’ tells Little’s personal story of struggle, her fight for change and the rejuvenating release of being free from the negative influences that haunted her early in life.

Official synopsis:

This riveting autobiographical account takes the reader on a journey around the globe as Little strikes out on her own at an early age and discovers a world that not only embraces her but transforms her existence. Readers will likely be impressed and moved by the way the author "cut the strings" that were holding her back.

Early into the book, the reader is rooting for Little to break away from these people who showed little concern for her welfare and failed to recognize her gifts and strengths. Readers will laugh, cry and be inspired by the turn of events in this compelling example of perseverance and personal triumph.

As little explains, her autobiography is a gift of hope to those that crave change.

“It is a message of hope to those that may be struggling to break free of circumstances that may be holding them back from living the life of their dreams,” she says. “It is also a message of validation and encouragement to those that reach out to make a difference in the life of child, that their kindness and generosity is life changing”.

Following her own life changing experiences, Little has moved on to become a respected member of the speaking and coaching circuit. Enriching others on a myriad of topics from writing skills and communication to self-publishing and management strategy, her broad horizons give rise to a wealth of knowledge that has inspired thousands.

According to its reviews, Cutting the Strings is also serving its own purpose as a self-motivating and live-changing tool.

Kent M. wrote, “I just finished your book and I wanted to let you know I believe it’s the best book I’ve ever read! I loved the stories you shared…I laughed and at times became very emotional while realizing the hardships you overcame. This is a book that anyone who has a child should read. It’s also a wonderful book to send to someone who is trying to overcome a painful life event. I want to send this to my son who is struggling.”

"I finished "Cutting the Strings" on Saturday. Wonderful! Now I wish I had purchased a "hard" copy so I could share it with a couple of my college bound granddaughters who seem to feel "entitled" to receive a lot more than their basic needs with very little effort on their part,” says Pat T, from Texas.

Another reader, Jane W, was equally as impressed.

"Carole...I just read your book in its entirety. I couldn't put it down! It is better than good."

While achieving success from coast to coast, Little is conscious not to lose sight of her book’s primary goal.

“My intention is to help others achieve their goals, dreams and desires. Everyone can, although some people will require some guidance to allow them to break free of what is holding them back. That is exactly why I wrote the book,” she concludes.

Cutting the Strings, published by Elkins Lake publishing, is available now from Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble Nook Books, and Smashwords.com

The author’s progress can be followed on Facebook and Twitter. For more information on her speaking and coaching, please see Little’s eSpeakers and GlobalSpeakers profiles.

About Carole Little
In addition to being a working author and public speaker, Little currently serves as President & CEO of one of Houston's premiere social service agencies. Little currently resides in Texas with her husband and two children.