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Cx-Carbon Pioneers High Thermal Conductivity Graphite Industry


Zhuzhou, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2015 -- Cx-Carbon launched in 2011 and continues to pioneer the market for high thermal conductivity graphite products. These materials are largely used in today's rapidly changing electrical field and can be found in a range of products across various industries. As electronic systems continue to evolve, the need for better quality, more fitting materials grows, and Cx-Carbon is pleased to answer these demands with their high thermal conductivity graphite films.

Cx-Carbon's high thermal conductive graphite sheets are the first of their kind, offering maximum cooling, light weight, uniform thermal conductivity in all directions, elimination of hot spots, shielding for the heat source and components, and increased consumer electronic products performance. The new material is mainly utilized in laptops, high power LED lighting, flat panel displays, digital cameras, mobile phones, and other small electronic devices.

The new high thermal conductive graphite sheets from Cx-Carbon are ultra-thin and comprised of a graphite polymer film that allows for excellent results. The new material is ideal for providing thermal management and heat sinking in small spaces, and it can also be used to deliver heat sinking coupled with conventional strategies. Since overheating is a primary obstacle in the development of thin consumer electronics, the high thermal conductivity graphite sheets open doors for new innovations.

Cx-Carbon also delivers products including high quality soft carbon felt, carbon felt rigid plates, C/C coolers, carbon rope, carbon cloth, carbon fiber for fuel cells, and more. The company is China's primary, leading manufacturer of carbon, graphite materials.

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About Hunan Chen Xiang Carbon, Ltd.
Hunan Chen Xiang Carbon, Ltd., also known as Cx-Carbon, was founded in 2011 and is a leading manufacturer of R&D synthetic graphite film.

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