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Cyanuric Chloride Market to Witness a Pronounce Growth During 2018 - 2028

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2018 -- Cyanuric chloride is a six member ring organic compound having chemical formula (NCCl) 3. Cyanuric chloride is also referred as a trimer of cyanogen chloride. Commercially in the market place cyanuric chloride is formulated by two processes i.e. sodium cyanide and hydrogen cyanide process. In these process both the raw material i.e. sodium cyanide and hydrogen cyanide reacted with chlorine and further undergoes to polymerization in order to synthesize cyanuric chloride as a final product. Out of these two processes hydrogen cyanide route is adopted in large scale as it is one of the cost effective method for the preparation of cyanuric chloride and require less amount of raw material as compared to sodium cyanide process. There are different types of cyanuric chloride available commercially in the market with different degree of purity levels which finds adoption as a precursor in numerous number of application such as agrochemicals, rubber additives, lubricants, UV stabilizers, paper processing agents, textile auxiliaries, and dyes & fluorescent brighteners. Fluorescent whitening agent or optical brighteners are frequently found in detergent formulas and white papers.

Now a day's cyanuric chloride is turning as a material of choice for the production of well-known herbicide atrazine which is fall under the class of triazene class pesticides. Cyanuric chloride is also finding adoption & further consumed in formulation of other classes of triazine herbicide such as anilazine, simazine and crymozine.

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Cyanuric chloride Market: Drivers and Restraints

The demand of cyanuric chloride has been swelling day by day as the consumption of the material is gaining traction in numerous number of industries. Cyanuric chloride exhibits many attributes which further increases its adoption such as cyanuric chloride can be synthesized easily with minimal production cost, it show high degree of efficacy and relatively easy to use in different applications. Furthermore, expansion of application industries coupled with technological advancements drives the growth of cyanuric chloride over the forecast period. If we take agriculture industry into the account, lion share of the cyanuric chloride is consumed in the formulation of agrochemicals. Agrochemical consumption is directly related with population growth, the more the population the greater will be the requirement for food as well as for housing which creates more demand for agrochemicals for crop production. Changing eating habits such as growing meat consumption triggers requirement for feed grains leading to increased agrochemicals usage. There is always a tradeoff between arable land and land available for infrastructure and housing. With growing urbanization trend the arable land is likely to become scarce. In order to maintain the supply of crops with same yields the consumption of agrochemicals rose significantly in the recent past. Despite of decreasing arable land the agricultural production is showing an upward trend and growth which further creates demand for value added agrochemicals. However certain factors like causing ill effects to human beings while processing and increase for the preference of organic & environment friendly pesticides may restrain the growth of cyanuric chloride in near future.

Cyanuric chloride Market: Segmentation

On the basis of Purity, the Cyanuric chloride Market can be segmented as:

High Purity (99%)
Low Purity (98%)
On the basis of manufacturing process, the Cyanuric chloride Market can be segmented as:

Sodium Cyanide Route
Hydrogen Cyanide Route
On the basis of Application, the Cyanuric chloride Market can be segmented as:

Dyes & Pigments
Textile Industry
Chemical Additives
Cyanuric chloride Market: Region Wise Trends

China is one of the key market and remain dominant in terms of supply & demand of cyanuric chloride primarily driven by the expansion of application industry and production unit expansion by the market players. Growing agriculture industry in India & china drives the market in APAC region. North America is anticipated to show moderate growth owning to manufacturers interest towards collaborations. Europe despite of noticeable supply share will show stagnant growth due to government ban on the consumption atrazine fertilizers. MEA & LA region will show moderate growth over the forecasted period due to presence of emerging economies.

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Examples of some of the market participants in the Global Cyanuric chloride Market identified across the value chain include:

Evonik Industries
Santa Cruz Biotechnology
Volochem Inc
Yingkou Sanzheng Organic Chemical Co. Ltd.
Hebei Chengxin Co., Ltd.
Zaoyang Jinlu Chemical Co Ltd
Cangzhou Lingang Yueguo Chemical Co., Ltd