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Cybe Looks to Provide Free Online Dwellings to Every Person on Earth


Victoria, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2013 -- $50,000 doesn’t seem like a whole lot of money these days, but $50,000 is all that this Indiegogo fundraising campaign is asking for to help develop the next big leap forward in online personal security and functionality.

The Cybe campaign aims to build a network of Personal Online Dwellings (PODs) and make them available to every single internet user in the world for free.

A POD, as its name suggests, is your own personal house online. It is your home on the internet, where you should feel free to do absolutely anything you please, where no unwanted visitors may enter.

Your POD is your place on the web where you can securely store and share your photos, videos and files. But it is far more than simply a personal online storage space.

From your POD you can also install and run selected apps and programs and then access them from any device with internet access, be it your phone, laptop or fridge.

This non-profit organisation aims to prove PODs to the world in a truly free environment, with no catches or complications whatsoever.

No advertising will be shoved in your face, and unlike most other tech companies, none of your personal information will be sold to advertisers or used for targeted ads.

Even better yet, if someone wants to send you spam or junk emails they will be forced to pay you for the privilege of doing so.

If you have ever done an online search for your name and were surprised by just how much information on you was publicly available, then you should easily understand the need for such privacy and protection of your data.

The goal of the Cybe Non-profit Corporation is to gear the internet back towards the people that use it. It is envisaged as one of complete transparency and independence, governed by a board of directors selected by the users.

The Indiegogo fundraiser is running until the 3rd of April 2013, and a contribution of as little as $5 will get you your very own advanced copy POD as well as lifetime email based tech support.

To track their fundraising progress go to and for more details check out their home page at and be sure to follow them on Twitter (@MyCybe)