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Cyber Security Expert John McAfee Uses and Trusts RakEM for His Private Messages


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2016 -- RakEM, the world's most secure messenger, is now trusted and used every day by cyber security pioneer and expert John McAfee. Recently the largest messenger announced availability of end-to-end encryption for messages on their system – a necessity that was built into RakEM from our original launch – but there are still many questions around the data being collected by them and their parent.

"I trust and use RakEM for my private messages and calls." said John McAfee, cyber security expert and pioneer, and presidential candidate. "Other messengers collected metadata about who I messaged, when and where – RakEM does not collect metadata, encrypts local files, and uses the strongest end-to-end encryption around."

RakEM uses device-to-device direct messaging so, unlike other messengers, messages and metadata do not go to our server, they are sent directly from the sender's device to the recipient's device. RakEM encrypts local data, so even if your phone is hacked and your files decrypted, your RakEM files are still encrypted. More information.

The key features of RakEM include:

- Encrypted text, pictures, video, emoji, animated emoji and even doodling and doodling on pictures
- Encrypted Group Live Chat and Post - Unlimited members in groups
- Encrypted Group Calling – up to 5 members at a time
- Encrypted Voice and Video calling
- Encrypted Voice and Video attachments
- Encrypted Location sharing and who's near display
- RakemSphere interface – interactive 3D sphere of friends interface (no VR goggles required)
- Reciprocal deletion of messages – deletes off your phone and the recipients phone
- Highest levels of end-to-end encryption
- Direct device-to-device communications – no servers

"RakEM was created from the ground up to be the most secure and private messenger." said Greg Parker, President and CEO of Raketu. "Messages move directly from the sender's device to the recipient's device, no servers, and everything is encrypted."

RakEM runs over any internet/data connection. Anyone with data services on Android, iOS, Windows or Mac OS can download and start using RakEM immediately.

About Raketu Communications Inc
Raketu Communications Inc. makes highly secure, cross platform messaging and communication fun by developing leading edge device-to-device direct Internet protocol applications for consumers and for business across mobile devices, tablets, desktops and laptops. Powered by Raketu's patent-pending Serverless Secure™ encryption technology and system architecture, Raketu's RakEM mobile messaging platform supports text, voice, video, and photo, among other private and encrypted messaging media. The company currently has users in over 150 countries around the world.

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