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Cycle Technologies Launches Free iCycleBeads App for iOS


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2014 -- Cycle Technologies today announced the launch of iCycleBeads Lite for iOS devices – a free version of the popular iCycleBeads fertility app which enables women to plan or prevent pregnancy easily using the Standard Days Method of family planning. The iCycleBeads Lite app lets a woman track her cycle, and know which days of her cycle she is potentially fertile.

“We are excited to make this method available to women for free. The CycleBeads apps – both the complete version and the new lite version, are the only period tracking apps in the world which are based on a patented, scientifically tested methodology that is proven at preventing pregnancy as well as helping a woman plan a pregnancy. A woman using this method doesn’t have to take her temperature daily or track fertility symptoms. She just enters the date of her period and the app does the rest.” says Leslie Heyer, President of Cycle Technologies.

To use the iCycleBeads Lite app, a woman enters the date her period starts. The app will:

- Immediately let her know if she is on a day when pregnancy is possible.
- Show her cycle information in both a calendar and a “CycleBeads” format.
- Send her pop-up alerts notifying her when she is on a fertile day, when her fertile window is ending, and when she is likely to get her next period.
- Remind her to enter her next period date.

The one medical requirement for using this family planning method is that a woman should have cycles between 26 and 32 days long. The iCycleBeads Lite app will alert a woman if she has a cycle out of this range.

The complete iCycleBeads app is available for $2.99 on both iOS and Android devices. Additional features on the complete iCycleBeads app include the ability to:

- Maintain your cycle history.
- Back up and email your cycle history as needed.
- Take notes.

Customers who have used the iCycleBeads apps and reviewed them online say,

“It’s so simple. I can’t believe how easy this is.”

“I’ve used it to plan a pregnancy, and I’m now pregnant with a little baby girl. Thank you!”

“(iCycleBeads) is the best fertility app out there. It works!”

About Cycle Technologies
Cycle Technologies’ mission is to bring to market products that help people live healthier lives. Cycle Technologies is the manufacturer and distributor of CycleBeads®, CycleBeads® Online, and iCycleBeads™ smartphone apps, patented tools based on the Standard Days Method® of family planning. These products provide women with easy to use information that allows them to plan or prevent pregnancy naturally. As a fertility awareness-based family planning option, CycleBeads educates women about their cycles and helps them manage their fertility without chemicals or hormones. It fulfills a need for a natural family planning method that is easy to use, inexpensive, side effect-free, and highly effective. Women all over the world use these simple tools to help them understand their cycles and easily identify the days when pregnancy is possible.

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