Cynthia Brian Announces the Release of "Family Forever," the Second Book in the Stella Bella Barnyard Adventures Series


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2023 -- Cynthia Brian is thrilled to share the exciting news of the upcoming publication of "Family Forever," the second installment in her beloved Stella Bella Barnyard Adventures series. Based on another true tale from her barnyard of adopted animals, this heartwarming book is set to captivate readers of all ages.

In "Family Forever," readers will follow the incredible journey of a tiny chihuahua who forms an extraordinary bond with a baby squirrel after tragedy strikes and his family is lost. The chihuahua introduces the squirrel to his newly adopted family of goats, chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, and pigs. Together, they embark on a series of adventures, teaching the squirrel how to climb trees and play with his newfound furred and feathered friends. Eventually, Squiggly Wiggly Squirrel encounters another squirrel and bids farewell, but he is reminded by Stella Bella and the rest of the barnyard brood that he will always be cherished because family is forever.

The inspiration for "Family Forever" came to Cynthia Brian a few years ago while she was gardening. She stumbled upon what appeared to be a nest that had been ravaged, possibly by a coyote, bobcat, or other predator. As she was tidying up the area, she heard a faint squeaking sound and discovered a tiny pink body clinging to a berry bush. Cynthia Brian, with a lifelong passion for rescuing and caring for distressed animals, immediately sprang into action. Unsure of the creature's identity and hoping it wasn't a rat, she carefully wrapped it in a warm towel and began her diligent research. She soon identified it as an infant squirrel and fed it a special formula from a doll's baby bottle. As the squirrel grew and developed a beautiful bushy tail, he transformed into a lively and energetic companion named Squiggly Wiggly. Squiggly Wiggly spent his days playing with Cynthia Brian's other adopted animals, forming a particularly close bond with Dolce Perra, a female chihuahua. Their playful antics, including Dolce Perra being chased by Squiggly Wiggly around the yard, became endearing sights for everyone who met them. Squiggly Wiggly even sought refuge in Cynthia Brian's pocket, with his bushy tail hanging out, when he needed a break from his adventures. Although he initially feared climbing trees, Squiggly Wiggly eventually overcame his apprehensions with the encouragement of his newfound family. The heartwarming story of Squiggly Wiggly and his journey is a testament to the power of love and the lasting bonds of chosen family.

Cynthia Brian has always valued the importance of family, recognizing that nurturing relationships are essential for a healthy and fulfilling life. She firmly believes that childhood experiences within family dynamics shape a person's character, morals, and beliefs. Through her Stella Bella's Barnyard Adventures series, Cynthia Brian aims to instill in children valuable qualities such as courage, kindness, acceptance, inclusion, and love, using the voices and actions of animals to convey these lessons.

The animal kingdom is replete with timely and timeless tales that resonate with human experiences. Stella Bella's Barnyard Adventures brings to life a group of barnyard animals facing complex challenges that test their integrity, individuality, and character. By showcasing an array of expressions and original viewpoints, this series encourages coexistence while addressing critical issues children face, including bullying, nature, power struggles, adversity, adoption, homelessness, creativity, justice, health, kindness, ethnicity, and embracing differences. Accompanied by visually stunning illustrations, each picture book in the series inspires, motivates, and teaches children to appreciate all animals while embracing the valuable lessons the natural world has to offer.

"Family Forever" is currently available for pre-sales at a discounted rate before it hits bookstores. Readers have the exclusive opportunity to acquire autographed copies and be among the first to own this newly published book, written by Cynthia Brian and beautifully illustrated by Jensen Russell. To find out more about the Stella Bella Barnyard Adventures series, visit https://www.CynthiaBrian.com/books.

To order your copy of "Family Forever," visit https://www.CynthiaBrian.com/online-store and click on the "Family Forever" link. The website also offers a selection of Cynthia Brian's other books, perfect as gifts for any occasion. Please indicate the desired recipient for autographed copies.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-960583-03-1 (print edition)
ISBN-13: 978-1-960583-04-8 (e-book edition)