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D. Robbins & Co. Announces New Selection of Items for August 2015


Cranbury, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2015 -- Since 1916, D. Robbins & Co. have brought wholesale magic supplies and wholesale joke novelties, plus books and DVDs, to customers worldwide. They boast low prices on a full range of magic supplies, from beginner illusions to advanced stagecraft. The company is delighted to announce its selection of new arrivals for August 2015.

For stage magic items, D. Robbins & Co. currently offers a Tora Black Box for illusions. The box is perforated in such a way that audiences will be able to see through the sides, yet be stunned when the performer reveals a previously unseen object or animal hidden within. Silks are another popular stage item that D. Robbins & Co. has just stocked. The company's silk selection includes color-changing silk and "ghost silk" that can be made to stand up on its own.

The company also stocks decks for card magic, including the Unbelievable Bicycle deck, Division Deck, Disappearing Card deck and Ultra Princess card trick deck. Also available is the book Card Magic of LePaul, for those who want to learn the routines of renowned 20th century card technician, LePaul. In addition to card magic supplies, the company stocks coin magic supplies like the Shim shell quarter and Flosso copper silver coin for illusions involving coins transforming into other coins and back again.

Finally, D. Robbins & Co. has new gag items guaranteed to get a laugh. They include garlic, onion and bacon-flavored candy that looks like a sweet treat but will surprise the recipient with an unexpected flavor, plus a cell phone screen cover that creates the illusion of cracked screen.

To order wholesale magic tricks from D. Robbins & Co, visit http://www.ezmagicrobbins.com or call 609-860-1808.

About D. Robbins & Co.
D. Robbins & Co. is a wholesale distributor of supplies for beginner to advanced magicians. Founded in 1916, in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, the company moved to Cranbury, NJ, in 2004 and has served magic shops throughout the nation and the world for almost 100 years. D. Robbins & Co. is constantly updating and improving their inventory to maintain excellence for their valued clients.

For more information, visit http://www.ezmagicrobbins.com