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D. Robbins & Co. Now Offering Dice Tricks for April 2014


Cranbury, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2014 -- D. Robbins & Co. is now offering several dice tricks perfect for aspiring and professional magicians. Retailers can stock their stores with these dazzling illusions for all their loyal customers who want to practice vanishing tricks.

The Magical Die trick features two dice whose dots magically change. Then the audience is dazzled as the die then completely disappears. After it reappears in the magician’s pocket, the magician shows the die to the audience again. This time it starts losing dots. He places the die in the magic cube, only for it to disappear and reappear again in his pocket. These two tricks in one are great for any young magician who wants to make a lasting impression.

The Twin Dice Towers is another popular dice trick from D. Robbins & Co. A spectator inspects the two tubes and 8 large, colorful dice (two of each color) then shuffles the dice in a bag. The spectator and magician alternate choosing dice from the bag and placing them in their own tube. However, when the magician lifts the tubes he reveals that both dice stacks are exactly symmetrical. Whether at a table, with friends, or on stage, this trick is sure to blow minds.

The Adairs Dipply Dice is a classic favorite. The magician rolls two dice, one red and one black, on the table then places both in his left palm. He puts the red die in his pocket then closes his hand around the black one. When the magician opens his hand, he’s now holding the red die and has the black die in his pocket.

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D. Robbins & Co. is a wholesale distributor of supplies for beginner to advanced magicians. Founded in 1916 in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, the company moved to Cranbury, NJ in 2004 and has served magic shops throughout the nation and the world for almost 100 years. D. Robbins & Co. is constantly updating and improving their inventory to maintain excellence for their valued clients.

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