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D. Robbins & Co. Updates Wholesale Inventory for Summer 2014


Cranbury, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- D. Robbins & Co. has several new wholesale magic items this summer for magicians at every level on their EZ Magic website. The company continually updates its inventory of magic tricks, accessories, and books throughout the year to help retailers supply the best quality items to their customers.

This month try the Acrobatic Glasses, which combines sleight of hand with classic misdirection. The illusion starts with a tray holding three small glasses. The magician places a handkerchief in one of the glasses, then holds the tray behind his back. When the tray comes back to the front, the handkerchief has switched glasses. The audience thinks the performer quickly moved the handkerchief himself when it was behind his back, but then, to their surprise, it now jumps glasses again right before their eyes. Create an account to get a great wholesale member price on this item.

The Forgetful Snowman is a fun and unusual trick for all ages. The magician shows spectators a model snowman and talks about how he built it. The snowman’s head keeps falling off as he speaks. Next, the magician vanishes the head in a devil’s napkin (included), and replaces the snowman’s head with a balloon. After the magician tells the snowman he will return his head if he can keep it from falling off, the balloon magically pops to reveal the head back in its rightful place.

Visit D. Robbins & Co. online for more information about the above described magic kits. Become a member now at www.ezmagicrobbins.com for full access to wholesale magic tricks and paraphernalia.

About D. Robbins & Co.
D. Robbins & Co. is a wholesale distributor of supplies for beginner to advanced magicians. Founded in 1916 in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, the company moved to Cranbury, NJ in 2004 and has served magic shops throughout the nation and the world for almost 100 years. D. Robbins & Co. is constantly updating and improving their inventory to maintain excellence for their valued clients.

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