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Dabbers Can Find Their Dab-Friendly Dates on New Dating App


Orem, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2017 -- Sometimes, only a dabber understands a dabber. Just like Farmers Only brings together couples with the same lifestyle preferences, dabbers have been asking for a dab dating space for a while now.

Welcome to Dab 4 Dab, the ultimate dating app for the extract enthusiast guaranteeing fun times for dab buddies while they find potential dates and mates online. The app is available for Android mobile devices from the Google Play Store.

Most hookup apps have a rap, either for being good for nothing but hookups, or for having too steep a pay-to-play fee, or for making users fill out an hour-long profile just to quench their algorithm. On Dab 4 Dab Dates, users can look for anything from a relaxing chat, to a dab session, to something more on a platform that caters more to the user's expectations while keeping the vibe relaxed and kush-friendly. The interface is so easy to use "right out the box" that stoners can find each other with ease.

But Dab 4 Dab Dates isn't just about doing dabs and chatting. There are several useful dating features to help users navigate potential mates while being wildly entertained doing one of their favorite things. Not everyone feel comfortable dabbing on the first date but on Dab 4 Dab Dates, users can dab together while online to see if they get along doing one of their favorite activities. For those who date based on how they dab, this is a great way to vet potential dates in a safe and secure environment.

Dab 4 Dab Dates is one of the best wax-centric dating apps and services for 4 big reasons.

Finding favorited users has never been easier

Dabbers are encouraged to save their favorite users to make them easily find them later when it's time for a session—no matter how stoned they are. When favorited users find themselves online together, they can chat, dab, and see where it leads.

Easy vetting between potential mates

When users can see who liked their profile, it makes it much easier to vet who they chat and dab with based on the information from the other user's profile.

The Dab Date section

The Dab Date section is a bonus section that few other dating apps offer, where users can find each other by username, full name, location, or email. The feature helps real-life friends can link up and chat online while sharing the date-finding experience together.

One-step social profile linking

Finally, Dab 4 Dab Dates users can link their profile to their Instagram and Facebook accounts to allow other users to learn even more about them and their lives.

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