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DAC DAC Rises to the Challenge on Kickstarter

Digital Amp Co’s Digital-to-Analog Converter was released on Kickstarter and has cleared its goal hurdle by over double with less than a week to go.


Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2016 -- It's almost a rare occurrence given the competition these days for crowdfunding dollars, that a project will out-pace the goals set for it. However, in the case of the Digital Amp Company's "DAC DAC", sometimes the rare project emerges that will capture people's attention (and their dollars) and over-fulfill the request. DAC DAC, or "the Digital Amp Co Digital-to-Analog Converter", is the first non-amplifier made by the company in their 20+ years of business. Their product converts the digital data into the analog signal necessary for amplifiers to produce sound, but –unlike other products—does so with the shortest audio signal path possible. What that means to the layperson is that the sound that is being amplified is as pure and clear as possible.

"We went into this project with years of building amplifiers behind us and knowing what our customers want", says Tommy O'Brien, founder of the 20-year-old company. "People who listen to music want good sound. The evolution of our business is limited by logistics and even physics at times, so we have to work with available source components. Building a DAC that could work with our amplifiers to create great sound was necessary. We feel like we did that, and then some."

Their reputation in the business had probably as much to do with their funding goals being met as the product itself. Their brand builds trust with their customers and it shows in the quick funding.

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