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Dadson Health Announces Release of Innovative Pooper Scooper That Relieves Back Strain


Airdrie, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2015 -- Available exclusively on Amazon, the Dadson Pooper Scooper is the only removal device with a telescopic shaft that adjusts from 20-26 inches for complete comfort and ease of use. The scooper can be tucked into a backpack and taken along for use anywhere and it's equally applicable in the back yard or on walks.

"What sets this particular pooper scooper apart is its telescopic handle, durable shaft, rubber grip and jaw that is poop bag compatible," said Jani.

Constructed with an aluminum shaft for lightweight durability, the scooper by Dadson Health has a rubber handle to ensure a secure and comfortable grip.  The scooper is the only one of its kind on the market with a jaw that's compatible with multiple types of poop bags, allowing individuals to continue to use the bags with which they're familiar.

While the scooper provides a convenient means of removing a canine's excrement, it also has a variety of health-related benefits. Bending over to pick up poop is hard on the back and it's especially difficult for those with disabilities. The scooper's handle telescopes to accommodate the height of the individual to relieve back strain and the company provides individuals with an instructional pooper scooper video

No one enjoys picking up dog poop, but it's part of being a responsible pet owner and removing dog pop does prevent the potential for health risks and the spread of disease to people and other animals. Feces attract flies and other insects that easily spread any contamination far and wide. Dog poop is not fertilizer and a clean environment promotes the health of people and four-legged family members.

If canine excrement isn't removed and disposed of properly, it has the potential of becoming an environmental hazard that's washed into storm drains, streams and lakes. As it decays, dog poop utilizes oxygen and releases ammonia that's detrimental to fish, vegetation and wildlife. It contaminates the water and engaging in recreational water activities can be unhealthy.

The introduction of the new pooper scooper by Dadson Health provides dog owners with an affordable and effective tool for removing feces from the yard, on walks, on camping trips, and during breaks while traveling. The scooper is set apart from others by its telescopic handle that relieves stress and strain on the back.

For more information, visit Dadson Health online.

About Dadson Health
It seems odd that Dadson Health would release a pooper scooper when the main focus on the website is providing information related to enzymes. We want to provide products that we are passionate about and feel confident in recommending to our family and friends. Dogs are a big part of our lives and solving this problem of picking up poop just seemed to be something natural for us to do. Plus, it helps prevent a lot of back strain from bending over.

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