Eureka! Intensified Focus - the Daily Vitamin for a Productive Day. Perfected Formulation Arriving July 2013


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Eureka Brands LLC will release this July a perfected formulation of the now popular brain vitamin supplement. Eureka! The scientifically formulated supplement meets the needs of the brain by increasing the oxygen and blood flow, allowing the brain to breathe better and become much more responsive. It also stimulates the norepinephrine which can make the user more alert and better able to focus, as well as the stimulation of the histamine which keeps the brain awake and enhance the memory. This provides everyday users with an all in one daily brain vitamin that fully delivers when others fall short.

Eureka! Intensified Focus - How It works.

At the very core of its function Eureka! helps the neurons maintain the healthy cellular energy production. Eureka rivals other Nootropics like FocusFactor by delivering results users can feel. The basic inputs than can be expected from Eureka are as follows:
- Sharpens Focus – It contains ingredients that help the user achieve optimum level of focus.
- Supports Energy Creation- Provides energy stimulation that will enable users to work non-stop without facing any kind of fatigue or crash.
- Decrease mental and Physical Stress- It helps to energize the user against the daily anxieties and stress.
- Improve Memory- Helps neurons to operate at optimum levels and amplifies memory power.
- Brain Cell Protection- Protects cells from oxidative and prevents death of cells.
- Increase Blood Circulation- Increases cerebral blood flow that allows us to think clearly.
- Keeping a healthy brain is often overlooked in a society obsessed with weight and outward appearance.

A healthy body begins with a healthy mind. Just as athletes take supplements to enhance their physical performance, some people hope to sharpen their wits with brain boosters. Eureka! ingredients are aimed to do just that. Whether you are a professional who needs that extra boost to increase job performance and get ahead of the competition or a student who wants an edge preparing for a final exam. Eureka! is for all the things you do.

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Eureka Brands LLC. is a company that is devoted towards bringing quality products at the consumers’ doorstep by providing their world-class research techniques. The products are the results of researches that are conducted for years. We are committed towards delivering our customers with the most substantial products that will diminish their difficulties without causing any consequences. We research in the fields of neurobiology, nutrients, herbs and vitamins for getting the best possible results.

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