Dairy/Cattle Farms in Trouble: Organic Is the Solution

Drought, high fuel/fertilizer costs leaving farmers in a tight spot. Ironically, they're looking toward organic fertilizers to reduce costs.


Lowell, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2013 -- Chemical fertilizers are petroleum based. So, as crude oil & fuel prices climb, so does the cost of chemical fertilizers. And, since it takes fuel to get the fertilizer onto the field, and oil to maintain the equipment that does the work, farmers are getting hammered on all sides. For many small, family farms that have traditionally used chemical fertilizers, moving toward natural and organic fertilizers is their last hope of maintaining a profit.

Farmers growing crops or hay to sell aren't AS badly hit, because rising hay and produce prices help them absorb the costs. However, smaller farmers and those growing hay for their own animals aren't as lucky. In many cases, they have no choice but to absorb these cost increases, and many simply cannot do it.

Mike Kaufman of as been selling organic fertilizer to farmers for over 15 years and he says the last 3-4 years have seen the greatest influx of farmers moving from chemical to organic fertilizers.

"Already this year I've spoken with numerous crop farmers, cattle and dairy farms and hay growers who are concerned about the upcoming season and their ability to cover their costs and still come away with at least a meager profit. Chemical fertilizers are simply too costly. Fortunately, for me AND for them, I offer natural fertilization solutions that are better for their crops, their animals AND their bottom line."

Even though the price of many organic fertilizers is increasing due to higher demand, those increases have been outpaced by the significant increases in petroleum based fertilizer prices in recent years.

Moreover, some natural fertilizer companies have really made a significant effort to "hold the line" on price increases so as to capitalize on the potential influx of "non-greenies" (farmers who are only now considering organic solutions because they may offer a cost saving advantage compared with chemicals).

AGGRAND is one of those companies, and Enviro-Guard ( is one of the oldest and largest AGGRAND organic fertilizer dealer networks in the nation. They've been helping farmers, turf management companies and homeowners across the nation to save money while also improving plant and animal health since long before "going green" was cool.

Michael Kaufman
Lowell, MI