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Daisy Nails Salon Announces Limited Time Offer on Eyelash Extensions


Laguna Niguel, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- Daisy Nails Salon is well known for its premiere  nail designs  and for a limited time only, the boutique is offering up to 50 percent off eyelash extensions. The unique new method provides clients with luxurious lashes instantly that last an average of 6 to 8 weeks before they need to be reapplied.

Lash extensions are available in multiple sizes and thicknesses and are glued in place. The extensions are typically synthetic or silk, though celebrities like Beyoncé select a mink option. During the limited time special, a full set is $75 and a fill only is $38.

Daisy Nails Salon offers a full range of nail services and designs for special events and everyday use. Clients can choose sophisticated velvet nails, pearls and exclusive styles by expert Japanese artists. Individuals can select choices ranging from glitter and mesmerizing color combinations to cartoon favorites to express their individuality and sense of style.

The salon offers acrylic and gel nails. Acrylic nails have been the glamorous standard since the 1950s and they’re still a preferred favorite with clients to hide damaged nails. They offer a clean and quick solution that’s feminine. Gel nails are the ideal option for clients with brittle nails that break easily.

Velvet art is one of the trendiest nail adornments currently available. It’s appropriate for all ages, making it an appealing choice for adults who desire an elegant look and younger individuals who want something that’s fun, flashy and striking. Nails can easily be matched to toenail designs for a complete fashion statement.

The boutique salon has elevated nail design to an art form. Happy nail designs can be achieved that feature the addition of miniature jewels and flowers. Complex custom designs and patterns in a myriad of bright and bold colors and sparkling metallics are just some of the extensive color options offered.

Nail embellishments and styles include crisp lines, chic tips and crescents, along with foils and reflectives. For the less adventurous and those who prefer nails that blend with a variety of attire, the salon offers shades in nude, neon and extraordinary pastels that make a statement.

Innovative and fashionable nail designs by experienced, Las Vegas-style artists, coupled with the salon’s limited time special offer on eyelash extensions, are just two of the reasons Daisy Nail Salon has become a preferred destination for fashionable women. Site managers provide clients with personal attention to ensure each individual enjoys a stellar experience.

The salon can be reached by phone at 949-400-7516. For more information, visit Daisy Nails Salon  online or at the firm’s Facebook page.

About Daisy Nails
Daisy Nails is a family owned American Japanese Nail Salon, which blends multi-generational salon experience with modern Las Vegas style by expert Japanese Artists and a focus on client satisfaction that will exceed your expectations. It’s no mistake that the Nail Salon environment has been the subject of Las Vegas is exceptionally exciting given the variety of clientele that Sin City has to offer. Creating a stellar salon experience for every customer that walks through the door requires patience, dedication and real commitment. To insure the Daisy Experience comes through, The Manager are on site every day, personally managing and servicing clients at the Salon from open to close. So whether you are a busy mom, an executive professional or an industry girl, you should be made to feel right at home at Daisy and know you will receive the personal touch from our family and staff.