Dale Sorensen Real Estate Provides Extensive Services in and Around Melbourne Beach, FL


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- Dale Sorensen Real Estate of Brevard LLC recently upgraded its website and announced an expansion of its online services. Aside from a comprehensive search function, the website provides answers to common questions related to Melbourne Beach real estate and Brevard County.

In recent years, the value of properties in Brevard County has gone up, and it is now considered one of the most attractive locations in area. According to experts, the reason for the increased valuation lies in the development of numerous golf courses, condominiums, and private communities in the area. Interviews with real estate experts also reveal that riverfront, beachside and oceanfront properties continue to grow.

While the demand for Melbourne Beach FL real estate continues to rise, experts say that the services of brokerage firms are still necessary. However, not just any service will do as only one with experience in the industry can be depended upon. It’s also imperative for a brokerage service to offer detailed listings online so it will be easier for someone to search for specific properties.

Armed with this information, a prospective property buyer will be better informed and avoid mistakes that usually plague buyers in a hurry.

In line with this, Dale Sorensen Real Estate of Brevard announced they have updated their listings to include the latest properties in the area that are for sale. Besides information about homes for sale in Viera FL, the company offers information about undeveloped lots as well.

About Dale Sorensen Real Estate
Dale Sorensen Real Estate of Brevard LLC is an online brokerage firm designed to help clients find the best available property in the area. To this end, their website provides a wide array of tools to help one find the most ideal locations. For more details and particulars, please visit their official website at http://www.dalesorensenbrevard.com/.

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