All Texas Appeals Now Supported by Brownstone Law

Brownstone Law Texas appeals attorneys have expanded beyond Dallas and Houston to offer civil and criminal appellate support to all of Texas. (855) 776-2773


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- Brownstone Law is a national appellate law firm that represents clients in civil, criminal, and federal appeals cases across the United States. They continue to find the most talented appellate attorneys in every major city and state to work for their law firm. Now, Brownstone Law has expanded further into Texas to provide the best appellate services around to individuals and businesses with their Texas appeals cases.

They already have Dallas Appeals Attorneys and Houston Appellate Lawyers and now have attorneys in El Paso, Laredo, Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington, and Plano Texas. Brownstone lawyers are dedicated and focused solely on appellate practice in both state and federal court.

Since the appeals process is time sensitive, the lawyers at Brownstone recommend getting in touch with a Texas appeals lawyer as soon as a judgment has been made. It is crucial to get the right paperwork filed within the required time period to ensure your appeals case will be taken up by a Texas state or federal court.

Criminal Habeas Corpus cases in Texas are a good amount of appeals that Brownstone lawyers represent. Because of many problems in the trial process to procedural errors that may have resulted in wrongful conviction, Brownstone works towards sentence reduction, reduced probation, and complete overturning of convictions.

Brownstone Law represents individuals across Texas in many civil appeals cases. They have experience in business law, environmental law, intellectual property, health care, white collar crime, divorce, child custody, immigration, health care, and more. When it comes to filling a civil appeals case, Brownstone has thousands of hours representing clients across the US and the state of Texas.

Many individuals and businesses are not aware that they can file an appeal against a judgment regardless if it’s a civil, criminal, or federal case. Brownstone offers a free initial consultation regarding your civil or criminal judgment. They can determine whether you have a winnable appeal or not usually within a couple hours.

There are many reasons why you may need to contact a Texas appeals attorney including inadequate legal representation, a violation of your civil rights during the proceedings, and even judicial misconduct during the trial process. Don’t wait to file an appeal. Time is limited, so contact an appellate attorney at Brownstone Law to find out more about what judgment they can help reduce or overturn in your case.

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