Dallas Based Tax Attorney Warns Public That IRS Continues Its Collection Practices

Nick Nemeth cautions individuals IRS collections continue as aggressive as before in new blog post on The Law Office of Nick Nemeth firm website


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- As American citizens are aware, the government shut down due to the fight regarding healthcare. The shutdown included government agencies, however, not the IRS entirely. Recently, tax attorney Nick Nemeth published a blog post on The Law Office of Nick Nemeth PLLC firm’s website regarding the IRS continuing collection practices. The blog post, entitled, “IRS Tax Controversy: IRS Keeps Cranking Out Levies, Despite the Government Shut Down” cautions individuals that despite the government shutdown, the IRS remains as dedicated to their collection efforts as ever.

Nemeth writes about how, despite the federal shutdown closing government offices and agencies, Internal Revenue Service maintains a computer system that continues to process levies and liens. The government may be shut down but taxpayers will still be responsible for following IRS procedure, and the agency will process tax documents using an automated system. The blog post warns taxpayers that “these computers produce millions of tax assessments, as well as liens and other penalties, year in and year out.”

The system is typically manned by human operators who can make changes as needed, but with the shutdown in place, the system continues unstopped. Nemeth shares advice on taxes and the IRS on his blog as part of his law firm’s commitment to helping individuals and businesses deal with the stresses brought on by the IRS. Nemeth practices tax law in the Dallas and Ft. Worth Texas areas. With his blog and website, he works to keep others informed on IRS practices. Nemeth’s blog post can be located at the following address:


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