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Dallas Fashion Week 2015 the Big D Has Reborn


Staten Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2015 -- "I refused the job five or six times," said Quinteros about taking on the top post at Dallas Fashion Week. I considered Houston a good place to start and test the product before coming to Dallas. Finally I decided it was the right time to take it on because I really wanted to support the Fashion Capital of Texas and the local fashion scene." The only way Quinteros agreed to sign on was if he had carte blanche to re-envision every aspect of the event without the interference of previous developments. Upon the confirmation of Trademark registration he was ready to go.

I spoke with the most respectable local producers. They considered supporting me in the future but in the present there was need for someone to break the ice and turn the corner from the past. I realized it was important to take full responsibility of the redevelopment."

Quinteros also dropped the more commercial labels, which had recently filled up almost all important events, in favor of local designers. By coincidence, three brands with distinctive Indian influence were the first to support the project. First the consolidated views such as Ruby Bhandari with Silk Threads (Couture), Ruby B (Ready to Wear), along with Samina Mughal, and Uday Doshe with Yuavan. Fashion Designer Samuel Wong of Mexican-American roots decided to showcase an array of couture creations with innovative styles.

The online campaign used Samuel Wong's work and Quinteros showed his talent as a fashion photographer (as a regular in the New York Fashion Week scene) to produce a powerful social media campaign that rapidly grow in the thousands during an entire year of preparation for the big day.

Quinteros also eliminated the club and lounge scene that was previously used as show venues and instead incorporated some of Dallas' beautiful architecture, in the form of the Old Red Museum. After a preview was held in a video and photography studio in March 2015, Quinteros decided for a retro-chic trend and a selection of hair and makeup professionals that helped to give Fashion Week that indefinable cool factor often lacking at other off-the-beaten-path events.

"Everything is better now," said Carolina Galvan, who, along with Natalie Galvan, designs the Refurbished Fashion for Kids. "We showed first at Houston Fashion Week and we came to Dallas and we could really see the redevelopment. The makeup, the hair, the people helping us — this time it was perfect. We drove all the way down from The Woodlands this season, and they made it easy."

Silk Threads by Ruby Bendari was presented at the preview in March and during the Ready to Wear and Couture Shows at the end of October.

Opulent, Luxurious and Striking are three adjectives that describe Silk Threads, a fashion company established twenty years ago and specializing in custom creations.

Samina Mughal, well-known for a focus on the evolving modern woman, presented an innovative and glamorous collection.

Yuavan expressed his belief that fashion collections are not just about clothing, but about bringing imagination to life.

ES Collection Dallas Arrived bringing an array of styles to men's swimwear from the vision of ES's designer and product manager, Eduardo Suñer. Over the last decade Eduardo has refined the collections and grown ES into a full lifestyle brand. ES Collection has introduced some of the most stylish athletic collections in the world and now has moved into every day casual wear with polos, jeans, sweaters, and winter coats.

This year Dallas Fashion Week® is also creating awareness for cancer Support Groups like the Kelsey- Seybold Breast Cancer support group. According to the American Cancer Society, the Kelsey-Seybold Breast Cancer Support Group is the largest in Texas based on monthly attendance.

Accommodating fledgling fashion brands with their business goals is a fantastic place for Quinteros and his staff to focus some of their energy in coming seasons. As well as presenting some local fashion accessory brands and a connection with other cities like Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Laredo which teams traditional manufacturing companies with designers to create capsule collections at the show venues as another exciting move. Considering that this Dallas Fashion Week is just two seasons old, the results are already impressive. Production is well on its way to making Dallas again the capital of fashion in Texas with an authentic, full-blown Fashion Week!

Scheduled next are the Texas Fashion Awards in Houston this coming December 19th and the "Texas Fashion Designers" presentation during New York Fashion Week scheduled for February 06 in New York City.

In support of the development of the Costume Collection Society to keep and historical record of the work of local fashion designers and implementing exhibits for educational and preservation purposes.

Special Thanks to, Mercedes-Benz, Topo Chico Mineral Water, Paul Mitchell Systems School at Arlington, Mia Bella Esthetics, The PROS Media. The Fairmont Hotel, The Old Red Museum. Silver Song Productions, American Bollywood TV. Illy Honest Tea, One to One, Texas Model Management, Texas Fashion Network.

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Victor Quinteros with The PROS Media is the Brand Development director for Dallas Fashion Week in Dallas, TX. and other major events as Houston Fashion Week and Texas Designers in New York. during New York City Fashion Week.

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