Dallas Texas Hot Female Rapper Lyrical Releases First Album, "Adjective of Poetry"

Lyrical, The Hottest Female Rapper in Dallas Texas? just released her first album "Adjective of Poetry" and her First single, "I Am Lyrical" which is highly advertised on K104. Lyrical is a part of the Mr. Lawton Records Label and is climbing up the charts from support of fans worldwide.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2012 -- When you define the word Lyrical, it's an adjective of poetry having the form of a song that expresses the writer's feelings. Lyrical is a lyricist coming straight out of the Triple D and is a poet who expresses her feelings through song.

When you hear the transition of the words as they float off the tongue of this true artist, you know the industry has been lacking, and you wonder is the world really ready for Lyrical? Lyrical has a style that transcends being one-dimensional. Creating a lane of confidence, Lyrical lets you know that she's about to take the top spot. Making it clear from the start that she is like no other, and no other can be Lyrical.

At a young age she began writing poetry and then taking her passion and chose an outlet of song. She has collaborated with Lil Cayne and Myron Yellow. She also worked very closely with local artist that helped her perfect her craft. Her goal is to let the world know that Dallas has some female MCs that will come through and wreck shop and take the game to another level.

Lyrical has just completed her first album, "Lyrical: Adjective Of Poetry", and it will leave you satisfied from the first track to the last. Lyrical's music hits you with heavy bass so her heartbeat can be felt, background chords that are like no other and a unique voice that makes you pay attention. Being compared to Queen Latifah, Yo-Yo, Mia X, with a little Trina and Biggie, Lyrical says what she feels and means what she says, Lyrical cannot and WILL NOT be stopped.

The album and singles are available on Itunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, and Amazon.

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