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Damaged Spirits: Life-Changing New Book Fights Back at Addiction Through Short Stories, Vignettes & Reflections

Written by renowned addiction counselor, Jennifer Lively, ‘Damaged Spirits’ brings a message of solace to addicts, their families and anyone else impacted by this disease of excess. Telling the personal stories, through fiction, the book reveals experiences of those who have encountered addiction yet triumphed through recovery; this uplifting book is poised to resonate with readers everywhere.


Bangor, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- While addiction often starts as a personal problem, its detriments can quickly infect an entire family or social support system. Nobody knows this better than Jennifer Lively, whose experience as an addictions counselor has exposed her to some of the most harrowing addictions anyone could imagine. However, as Lively sees on a daily basis, the prospect of recovery is within reach of anyone adopting the right attitude. Lively’s compelling new book seeks to inspire that solace into any addict or suffering relative.

‘Damaged Spirits’ cuts through stigma and stereotypes to bring treatment and hope to anyone willing to embrace it.


Damaged Spirits is a collection of short vignettes that reflect the impact addiction yields to individuals, families, communities and society; and the realization that addiction affects everyone. Addiction does not discriminate and it is a disease of excess. Unlike any other disease addictions continue to be stigmatized, scrutinized and negatively judged by society.

“This book is vital for anyone dealing with addiction, co-dependency and/or issues related to a dysfunctional family. It’s absolutely normal for every addict to feel alone, as well as for friends and family to be fearful of the addict – but I want to show people that adhering to these stereotypes can actually hinder an addict’s willingness to seek recovery. It’s time to give people the hope they need to make the change they desire,” says Lively.

Continuing, “It also has an important place for those working in the mental health field, as well as those working in the wider medical or civil justice settings. I’m hopeful the characters in these stories will increase every one's awareness of addiction and will benefit others..”

To date, the book has garnered critical acclaim. For example, Matthew Giobbi comments, “Miss Lively brings us the stories of our friends, our family members, and of ourselves who deal with the ongoing struggle with substance abuse. Her book is a greatly needed, humanistic contribution to the field, and is certain to provide hope and support to anyone dealing with, or dealing with someone who has, an addiction.”

Carmen F. Ambrosino is a 40+year veteran of the addiction field and recently retired CEO of Wyoming Valley Alcohol and Drug Services, Inc. and CarmenAmbrosino.com states "Jenn Lively's "Damaged Spirits" is a captivating, powerful and riveting read that captures the complex world of addiction. It is one of the most exhilarating and compelling books I have read in my 40+year addiction career. It engulfs the reader in vivid portrayals of the human faces of addiction and the triumphant spirit of recovery. What an incredible resource for patients, families, caregivers, and professionals. It truly will become a beacon of hope for those entangled in the tentacles of addiction."

‘Damaged Spirits’, published by Dog Ear Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1dvsXeX.

About Jennifer Lively
Jennifer Lively grew up and went to school in Bergen County New Jersey. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University and moved to rural Northeast Pennsylvania where she had spent summers vacationing with her mother's family. After graduating from college and having had an interest in wines and spirits she found success working as a wine and spirits marketing representative. Eventually she became disillusioned with the direction liquor marketing had taken, and having had an "aaah haaa" moment during the tragic days of 9-11, she decided to leave the liquor industry and return to school; making an about face in her career and life work. Instead of promoting consumption of alcohol she would now promote recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Now focused on a new career, she received her Master's of Education, focusing on addictions, from Penn State University and has worked in the addictions field ever since. Jenn has been a counselor at several different venues of addiction care and most recently has been the clinical director of a private non-profit outpatient drug and alcohol facility. In addition to her degrees, Jenn has many state and national addictions certifications and is an inspirational growth speaker and lecturer for several continuing education trainings.