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Damas Turk Real Estate Company Is Offering High-Value Properties in Turkey to Local and Foreign Investors


Istanbul, Turkey -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2020 -- Damas Turk Real Estate Company has successfully created a channel through which Turkish citizens and foreigners can use to invest in the nation's thriving real estate market. The company has pushed the limits in the industry and, through its agreements with leading construction companies in Turkey, maintains an active listing of the latest properties in the market. As a value-driven real estate company, Damas Turk Real Estate Company strictly provides its clients with properties that meet and exceed their modern lifestyle demands.

Speaking about the reasons more investors are focused on their government-guaranteed projects, the company's spokesperson remarked, "A major factor that has propelled the growth of the real estate industry in Turkey is the direct government input and favorable policies that are in place. This has created the perfect environment that has seen the major cities and districts have a massive rise in mega construction projects. At Damas Turk Real Estate Company, we have a category of real estate projects guaranteed by the government, making them highly affordable and with lots of amenities."

At the mention of investment in the Turkey real estate market, many people instantly think about Istanbul that is on record for its never-ending developments. As a city that attracts hundreds of thousands each year, the ever-growing demand has created a lucrative investment opportunity. Damas Turk Real Estate Company is out to assist its clients take advantage of this high-end market by giving them all they need to buy apartment in Istanbul, Turkey. A guarantee for all customers who opt for the company's services is the confidence of apartments that are strategically located in the city.

Talking about the factors propelling the growth of Bursa, the company's spokesperson said, "Bursa has risen to become one of the largest cities in Turkey, thanks to its closeness to Istanbul and the peaceful living environment it provides. It has, therefore, become the alternative place of residence for individuals and families who want a quiet place away from the crowded areas. This is made better by the fact that the city has also attracted lots of businesses and is a top-rated tourist destination center in Turkey."

Foreign investors interested in the Turkey real estate market can easily take advantage of the newest rules and regulations to obtain citizenship. As from September, 19th 2018, it was published in the official gazette that foreigners who invested more than $250,000 in one or more properties were eligible for citizenship. Damas Turk Real Estate Company has since this decree assisted lots of investors to use this path to become legal residents of the nation and is a partner to count on for these needs.

About Damas Turk Real Estate Company
Damas Turk Real Estate Company offers an exclusive listing of the newest real estate properties in different cities and districts in Turkey that local and foreign investors can cash on for high returns in the future.