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Dana Sibilsky Announces Publication of Investors Underground Review


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2016 -- Following an evaluative period lasting more than six months, Dana Sibilsky is now announcing the release and publication of her in-depth Investors Underground review. An experienced day trader who has enjoyed tremendous investment success throughout her professional career, Sibilsky had some initial reservations regarding Investors Underground and noted that it was quite daunting to overcome the notion that the products and services offered through the day trading community just seemed too good to be true.

"One of the main reasons I committed to such a lengthy subscription was to ensure that I was able to accurately evaluate the company's offerings over an extended period of time," said Sibilsky. "After six months of membership with Investors Underground, I felt that I had an accurate idea of the efficacy of the products and services available for day trading and felt comfortable writing a review based on my experience."

In that review, Sibilsky provides an honest assessment of the day trading community, describing the functionality of the day trading room and describing members and moderators as, "reactive traders making decisions and executing investment strategies in real time." Sibilsky also assessed the pros and cons associated with every aspect of the products and services included in an Elite-level membership, and her review goes into great detail on the daily watch lists, educational webinars and question-and-answer sessions available through a membership with Investors Underground.

"I feel very confident that my review is accurate and that it will serve as a valuable resource for anyone considering a membership with Investors Underground," said Sibilsky. "My personal belief is that this day trading community represents an excellent opportunity for day traders of all experience levels, and I benefited from my subscription so significantly that I signed on for another year after completing the review of my first six months with Investors Underground."

About Dana Sibilsky
An investor who has enjoyed a great deal of success in day trading, Dana Sibilsky's professional endeavors have been notably varied. Sibilsky is often called upon to offer her financial insight and expertise through consumer reviews made available on a widespread basis in a variety of publications.