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Dance Like a Star: Showtime Dance Promotions Offers Comprehensive Instructional DVD Set

Showtime Dance Promotions is now making its instructional DVD set available to all aspiring dancers and dance studios. Over 150 skills and techniques fully explained and demonstrated by one of the worlds few remaining teachers


West Kelowna, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- All dancers now have the opportunity to learn the awe-inspiring lifts and partnering techniques used by the stars of dance. The world’s most comprehensive video guide to learning Pas De Deux (partnering) is now available from the Showtime Dance Promotions to fill the void that currently exists at dance studios around the world.

Currently, only a select few dance studios are able to offer classes on Pas De Deux as a result of the extremely small number of remaining qualified instructors. The 5-disk set of DVDs offered by the Academy provides detailed instruction by one of the only remaining world class Pas De Deux Masters, Sean Cronin. With these DVDs, it is expected that any dance studio will now have the opportunity to offer Pas De Deux classes or dedicated dancers will now have the opportunity to learn on their own.

The Academy’s website details the contents of the 5 DVDs, maintains a registry of all Academy graduates and is building what it hopes will be the most comprehensive online directory of all things related to dance.

With the increasing popularity of dance shows on television and on the big screen, demand has grown to an all-time high for instruction in the best and most impressive partnering techniques and lifts. The DVD series provides the needed instruction from the very basic beginning partnering techniques to the most advanced professional lifts in over 6 1/2 hours of instruction covering over 150 skills and techniques.

Mr. Cronin has over 25 years of experience performing and teaching Pas De Deux in some of the most famous shows in Las Vegas and Paris. Mr. Cronin says that the release of this DVD series is the realization of his dream to be able to capture his life’s work on video and to make the information available all of those aspiring dancers who would not otherwise have access to it. To help out during the current economic turmoil the Academy is offering a limited time special 40% discount by using Coupon Code "SAVE50" at checkout.

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