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Dangerous Garcinia Cambogia Reveals the Truth Behind the Popular Weight Loss Supplement


Salt Lake City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- The US brand Garcinia Cambogia is one of the best selling nutritional supplements in the world indicates current market trends. This natural remedy for weight loss has been a landmark with its zero side effects yet effective results. Only months after it hit the market, the purchases from customers skyrocketed, making a record breaking sale in the history of weight loss supplements.

As the name suggests, it is derived from a fruit named Garcinia Cambogia. The secret to its success has been its non-dependence on chemicals. The fruit has been used down the centuries as a weight losing remedy. Popular belief has it that extremely obese members of the village were fed this fruit to shed the excess fat in the body. Brides-to-be were also fed this fruit weeks before the wedding to ‘tone down’ a little and get the right shape. This record indicates two important things – that weight consciousness was prevalent since ancient times and that it took only weeks for the fruit to work its magic.

So far, there is no indication in history about the garcinia cambogia side effect. Today, the modified weight loss supplement is made from the extracts made from the rind of the fruit. It is also known as tamarind, which indicates that it is a sour tasting fruit. The property in the fruit that burns the fat is hydroxycitric acid better known as HCA. The 1500 mg pills are made entirely from concentrated HCA.

The absence of chemicals has also been one of the reasons why it has been a hit among customers. People are not afraid to try it because they know that there are no side effects even though it may or may not work. The many who tired this supplement have liked the results and have continued buying it. In spite of the major sales, the product is still available at mega discounts on select outlets. For more information please visit

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