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Dangerously Fit Announces Start of 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge on June 5th


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- Fitness training specialist Dangerously Fit scheduled the start of its next 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge for June 5th. Following on the marked successes of a number of previous iterations of the challenge, the program will guide participants through intense workouts and dietary adjustments over the course of six weeks. Those who succeed in losing 10 percent or more of their initial bodyweight will pay nothing for the program, an incentive that has proved to be an effective motivational tool for large numbers of previous participants.

"We've developed a reputation for helping Australians achieve truly transformational fitness results," company representative Dan Clay stated, "and our 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge is our most popular program of all. We've refined and improved the course to the point that it is safe to say it is one of the most effective in Australia and New Zealand." As with most highly-developed nations, issues of obesity and general fitness are of great and increasing concern in Australia and New Zealand.

The Medical Journal of Australia reported that the obesity rate in Australia has increased more than two-fold over the last thirty years, and nearly 70 percent of New Zealand residents are now overweight, the second-highest rate in the English-speaking world. Health professionals the world over are virtually unanimous in recommending more regular exercise and better oversight of their diets for those who struggle with weight problems.

A program which incorporates intense group workouts with rigorously thought-out dietary recommendations, the Dangerously Fit 6 Week Body Transformation Program is designed to produce impressive results for people with a wide variety of fitness levels. Many use the Challenge as a way to jump-start a long-desired set of new fitness habits, as they have found that the remarkable weight loss and increases in fitness they experience lead naturally to feelings of commitment that serve them well when it comes to developing these. Others have found the Challenge the perfect way to prepare for important events such as weddings, as it assures them of being in the best possible shape when these arrive.

The group fitness classes which form the core of the Challenge are offered at a number of convenient locations, making it especially easy for participants to get in the exercise which they need. The program organizers have found that these group sessions are useful for a variety of reasons, since they instill senses of commitment, pride, and motivation that are often hard to develop through solitary or small-group exercise.

Being part of a defined challenge with a set duration also helps participants keep up their levels of motivation and determination, with even those who have struggled in the past often recording impressive results at the end of their participation. For those interested in longer-term engagement, the Dangerously Fit 12 Week Body Transformation Program is another popular and effective option. Those interested in participating in either program can sign up to do so at the company's web site, although spaces are limited.

About Dangerously Fit
One of the top fitness training organizations in Australia and New Zealand, Dangerously Fit has helped countless residents of both countries lose weight and achieve their fitness goals. Its 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge is the most talked-about and effective program of its sort, and the company works on continually refining it for even greater results.