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Dangerously Fit's 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge Begins April 26

In-depth, intense program designed to deliver compelling results quickly


Sydney, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2014 -- Leading Australian fitness specialist Dangerously Fit announced that its Six Week Body Transformation program will begin on April 26th. The program, intended to give those committed to losing weight and getting into better shape a flying start, will be free of charge for participants who successfully complete the transformation. Combining convenient, high-octane 45-minute workouts with nutritional guidance, the program distills the company's fitness expertise into an intensive regimen designed to produce substantial results over a relatively short period of time.

"We're all about teaching people how to enjoy fitness for life," company representative Dan Clay said, "and that often begins with an initial push which reminds even less-fit people how good it feels to be in better shape." As a means of securing initial momentum which can help put participants on a course for long-term fitness, the Six Week Body Transformation Challenge draws on a variety of resources. One of these is the morale-boosting effect of being one among a group of participants, as forces of camaraderie, accountability and good-natured competition help improve results over what would otherwise be expected. In addition, the company's institutional expertise provides solid grounding in terms of exercise program and nutritional prescriptions, so participants can be confident of success. In addition to the Six Week Body Transformation, the company offers other services, such as an intensive boot camp, information about which is available at http://www.dangerouslyfit.com.au/boot-camp/.

"When it comes to fitness," Clay continued, "exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. Our program is designed to help students build both of these pillars of a healthy lifestyle." Conducted at 15 convenient locations in the Sydney area, the fitness classes inspire participants to engage in the exercise necessary to tone their muscles and improve their cardiovascular capacities. At the same time, intensive education about nutritional theory, together with practical tips and menus, help participants to prepare satisfying meals which nonetheless contribute to weight loss. The company's holistic approach has made its programs some of the most successful and sought-after in the area.

"We expect the limited spots available in this program to be spoken for quickly," Clay concluded, "so we encourage those who are serious about becoming fit to respond right away." Students who successfully complete the program and meet pre-determined goals as to weight loss will have their program fees waived in exchange for allowing promotional reference to their results. As the program is designed to mesh easily with the lives of even the busiest area residents, it is expected to have especially broad appeal and effectiveness. Those interested in securing places in the program can sign up at http://www.dangerouslyfit.com.au/.

About Dangerously Fit
Creators of some of Sydney's most popular and effective fitness programs, Dangerously Fit provides exercise classes and courses at a number of locations in the area. Its Boot Camp and personal training services have been effective at improving the lives and fitness levels of many area residents, and its 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge is designed to further enhance this record of success.