Daniel B. Oladejo Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo to Help Graduates Escape Poverty with His Campaign 'Glo2LS'

Glo2LS is an interactive web-based module that will help graduates apply global concepts to create local solutions and boost employment.


England, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- There are lots of programs helping those in Africa receive a quality education.  Several groups and non-profits are constantly traveling to various countries in Africa to help.

Children across Africa are having a chance to learn to read, the fundamental aspect of all education.  One such country is Nigeria, where many have learned the power of education to escape poverty.

“Nigeria is a country rich with natural resources, including precious oil.  It is my goal to help many of those who have educated themselves have a chance to prosper,” said Daniel Oladejo, Coordinator of Glo2LS.

With their current approach, the Glo2LS campaign will reach large numbers of graduates in a few weeks regardless of where in Nigeria they happen to be.  Their exchange program is neither academic nor certificate centered, even though certificates will be issued upon request. They are keen to transfer skills to 100,000s of graduates as quickly as possible. 

Glo2LS advocates lifelong learning and links issues on health, environment, education, technology, community and small business to bring about sustainable solutions in African societies for long-term economic growth, employment opportunities and overall prosperity.

“Skills such as multidisciplinary concept integration, holistic systems thinking, communication, and measures for growth.  It seems like jargon and nonsense, but the eventual goal is work,” said Oladejo.

The plan is ambitious and Oladejo needs help to make it happen.  To see his plan to the end, he has set up an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to earn funds.

This crowdfunding campaign needs to raise £35,000. With this £35,000, Glo2LS will develop an interactive web-based module on their virtual practice exchange platform to equip graduates with an understanding of sustainable development for immediate application. Graduates that complete this interactive web-based module will acquire soft skills that enhance: multidisciplinary concept integration, holistic systems thinking, sustainable decision making and communication techniques, productivity measures for economic growth, etc. Any donations made to this cause will save the future of disadvantaged graduates in Africa.

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