Daniel Di Massa Has Released a New Humorous and Captivating Post on His Official Website


Piscataway, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- Daniel Di Massa, an established and savvy mobile enterprise App expert, has just posted a fun, humorous and captivating post on his official website. Word has it that this new post from Daniel Di Massa is a simple open letter to Samsung Electronics, a globally renowned gadgets manufacturer. Basically, the open letter serves as a request from Daniel Di Massa for a Galaxy Gear Samsung Smart Watch. As sources have said, Daniel Di Massa is requesting for a Galaxy Gear Samsung Smart Watch before it is released to the public. For readers and followers of Daniel’s website, this open letter should not be taken seriously, as it for entertainment and humor purposes only. If you are interested in reading this new post from Daniel Di Massa, navigate to

In this new post, Daniel Di Massa displayed his wicked sense of humor. In addition, the letter showcases how savvy and updated this mobile enterprise App expert is in the field of technology. In the letter, Daniel Di Massa said “Here is my simple demand to save this long term relationship.  If I don’t get my hands on the Galaxy Gear before the public, you will force me to not only blend my Samsung Note but will do this while running it over. That’s right, I need to one up the will it blend guys. Then by ending our relationship, I will have to throw my following behind one of your competitors. Did you hear that Windows and Apple? Yeah, I’m the same guy who is starting the Enterprise Mobility Awards.”

Aside from this latest captivating post from, Daniel Di Massa has also posted an announcement that will delight a great deal online entrepreneurs and mobile app developers. Not long ago, Daniel Di Massa announced that he and the rest of Enterprise Mobility will be handing out awards for this year. According to Daniel Di Massa, people who will be awarded by Enterprise Mobility are the app developers who have done something well, disruptive and innovative in the enterprise mobility industry. As for new, the details for the awarding event have not been disclosed.  To get the latest updates for Enterprise Mobility’s 2013 awards, navigate to

Daniel Di Massa’s Enterprise Mobility and Innovi Mobile have been developing superior and innovative enterprise apps for more than four years. Daniel Di Massa has been developing enterprise smart phone apps and tablets before they were known as apps. With the advent of smart watches, Daniel Di Massa has turned his attention to creating smart watch apps. If you need help in developing an enterprise app, Daniel Di Massa can help you create your ideal app.

In addition to being a mobile app expert, Daniel Di Massa is an avid reviewer and follower of smart phones, tablets and other types of gadgets. Lately, he has been focusing on creating reviews and product information on smart watches.

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