Josh Chang

Daniel Kautz Is Recreating the Classic Feel of the Gems in the Sci-Fi Genre Like Alien and Star Wars


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2012 -- Dustin and his wife are planning to honeymoon in the furthest reaches of space; at the island paradise, Bellicose. Kate, the emotionally distant space-pirate is eyeing his ship for some plundering. In a bizarre turn of events, Dustin awakens prematurely while in suspended animation to find his ship headed for disaster. Will Kate abandon ship and dive to safety? Or will she answer to a nobler cause?

Part sci-fi, part comedy, Jalopy is the brainchild of student filmmaker Daniel Kautz. He is an advocate of shooting in 35 mm and using an anamorphic lens, to recreate the classic feel of the gems in the sci-fi genre like Alien and Star Wars. This project will appeal to sci-fi enthusiasts as well as those who believe that the classic filmmaking technical style on 35 mm film is worth preserving. Using this style with large practical sets, is one many directors are fans of, for example, Duncan Jones of Moon fame and Christopher Nolan. It results in fantastic capture of light and a higher resolution than digital.

About the director: Daniel Kautz
Daniel Kautz has had the filmmaking bug in him from a very young age. Raised in Newark, California, Kautz began his career in high school when he directed a documentary, ‘Newark of Yesteryear’ which garnered him a few awards and recognition in his community. Next, he gained experience and perfected his skills as a lighting technician on five independent feature films including Return to Nowhere, Life Without and Stag.

With a team of talented student actors and aspiring filmmakers, Kautz hopes to bring his sci-fi vision to life in Jalopy. Find out how you can help support these filmmakers at